Chastity is next level submission.

There’s submission to your Domme, then there is total surrender to your Domme.

Submission can encompass a range of kinks, scenarios, and activities. It can be on a part-time basis, for a fixed time in a dungeon setting. Then the connection to your dominant is gone, you go home and life continues – until the next time.

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Real-time submission

Some subs I have played with have found that sub-drop post session, can be alleviated with the addition of a chastity device. These clever cock traps can help bridge the gap between each real-time session. Allowing the sub to feel the presence and power of his dominant at all times.

At the end of an intense session, with no hope of release, you can be locked back up and wave goodbye to your Domme and the key to freedom which is now cradled in her perfect hand, kept safe on a chain around her delicate neck or stored in her pocket.

If you then tribute for the duration of the keyholding period, you can get daily reminders of why you do not need a cock or an orgasm for that matter. She decides when you get released, and whether you will ever get to feel the ecstasy of an orgasm ever again.

What you will find over time, as reported to me by those that are already in penis jail, is that your mind goes through a wave of emotions over a period of weeks (or months) until you reach a stage of acceptance. And through each of those stages of frustration, misery, fear and desperation, you will come out the other side feeling more submissive than you could ever have imagined. It is yet another layer of submission we can add, there is always another level to work towards. 

Even in terms of cages. There are so many to choose from on places like from Amazon, but I recommend you visit KINKPLAY for toys and cages. (Discount code: countessdiamond2020) They have a huge selection (see here) and can help with sizing and how to use a cage which is always an important thing to get right. Most begin with the silicone ones, these are ideal for short term wear and getting used to the idea of confinement. These are also cheaper and help you find the right shape and size, for just enough pinch and squeeze. 

Then the metal ones, are where it starts to get serious and you can even stop up a level with a urethral cage . And now we have the remote devices like Cellmate, which allows her to control your twitchy cock via an app. You will feel utterly hopeless but incredibly grateful to have the chastity device, knowing a superior female controls all your unhelpful male compulsions. You can relax knowing all those problems your dick usually causes are no longer an issue.

Online chastity and submission

It is also perfect for those that can’t or won’t get along to a real-time session. Through AVN Stars or webcam you can still have a very powerful experience in chastity. Being watched over by your dominant, who can demand spot checks, tasks, games at a moments notice can be very exciting. Failure to comply or complete the task can result in the punishment of her choosing. This can be short term or long term. You can choose to send the key or use numbered tags – this cage comes with both – either way there is no escape unless she allows it. While your cock strains against the confinement of the cage, you get so horny in the swirl of swelling hormones, that you could almost drown in your own submission. But your Goddess is the life raft, she is watching over you. Watching you struggle amuses her, what lengths would you go to amuse and please your keyholder for the chance of release? There is only one way to find out, go buy your first cage.

Mental submission

Submission isn’t always driven by a mental need. Everyone is different. But what many don’t anticipate is the mental peace that can come from extended chastity. The depths of submission that you can reach are mind-blowing. If you want to see her true power, ask her to be your keyholder.

While she is holding the key to your favourite body part, to you that cage will feel like she is holding your cock in her hand. Her grip is going to feel tight, but it will be a constant reminder of her place in your life. All control is handed over, and the basis of any D/S dynamic is power exchange. So this is a natural progression to those in a position to pursue ownership, and deeper levels of devotion. When this is part of a sustained program of ego deconstruction, you will find this becomes a comforting aspect. You will always be connected to her, and she will use this as a tactic to enforce compliance and improve your obedience. Now your fear has swung from wanting to be unlocked, to never wanting the cage to be taken away. That is a huge moment in any sub’s journey, it is true progress.

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Now it is your job to give her a reason to want to own your genitalia and put up with the man attached to it. As this is a frequently requested arrangement and she only so many hours in the day, apply to become her chastity slave, by telling her what you can offer. If you lack funds tell her what you can do to make up for it, as no amount of money makes up for a sub who is uncommitted to the process. The Domme will be investing her time and effort to make this fantasy a reality for you, she will expect that effort to be matched and exceeded as a minimum. Do more, and the rewards will exceed your basic expectations. 

My personal rules and regulations.

Every Domme is different and will require her chastity subs to fit her lifestyle and approach. My key holding tribute is £50 a week or £150 a month to encourage longer term chastity. If you are a regular real-time sessioning submissive I will hold your key. If you are serving online, I request that you wear a numerical lock.

You can remove the device twice a week for hygiene and maintenance – after which you have to send me a photo of the device with the new numbered lock while holding a piece of paper with unique password.

Depending upon your behaviour, attitude and mutually agreed personal preferences you may be given spot checks, tasks or games or a JOI task every week.

Chastity for Complete Beginners 

Chastity is quite the leap, and certainly not something to run into. I like to ease keen beginners into chastity through a slow training program. Starting with mental abstinence  – to build trust and self control. This is entirely on you, with no investment other than your own dedication required. Increasingly these agreed spells of mental chastity become longer, but we will always begin at 24 hours. Then progress at a rate that suits us both.

Chastity doesn’t mean your life must completely change forever, or that your freedoms end, if anything this may be the start of a journey that for once, doesn’t require endless frustrations and feelings of arousal – because there’s nothing you can do. After a trial, You may decide it’s not for you, or just playing sometimes when you feel like it is for you. However, I would adore having to lock you when you misbehave and become too male, too sexually needy.

To take a step closer to living a locked life with me by your side we can discuss your future through AVN Stars. Or for something at the very beginner stage, you can buy my chastity clips on Clips4Sale. If you wish to discuss a specific chastity clip please read through my customs page before making contact.

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