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Beautiful, Enchanting & Sensual

Countess Diamond is an award-winning sexual Dominatrix and content creator from Bristol. She is the UK’s highest ranking AVN star and winner of the UK Fetish Awards ‘Best Fetish Producer 2020’, thrice AVN Award nominee for Favourite Domme, Indie Clip Star and Feature Star. Her work explores effortless eroticism, love, desire, need and submission through cerebral, playful Domination.

Desperate to fulfil your Dominatrix fantasy?

There’s no doubt that your vanilla life is satisfying, there’s just something important missing. Over the years you’ve dipped a toe into various kinks or activities but never quite felt fulfilled. You’ve always sensed there’s a deeper darkness and you’re desperate to explore.

You’ve a dark sexual need for submission to a Dominant Woman that won’t fade and despite your best efforts, it has taken root in your mind. It swirls around in your head after dark and somehow, it’s led you here. To Her. 

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The Woman behind the whip​

From Her contrary personality, infectious laugh and Her love of plants! You can find out more about Bristol’s sensual Mistress: The Countess Diamond. Her domination style and personal interests as well a how she came to be a Professional Dominatrix.

New to BDSM?

To learn more about the multiple facets and sub genres within the BDSM scene, journey through Her thoughts on ethics, behaviours and fetishes. You might be surprised what you discover.


BDSM Blogs by Countess Diamond

The latest news and blogs

Bristol Mistress, Countess Diamond offers her thoughts on BDSM, fetish, dominant and submissive relationships, as well as ethics and chastity.

“Part of being me is a need to champion things I believe in. To get the word out there and discuss the larger meaning of our existence, our wants and our desires in a thoughtful, practical way. Devoid of stereotypes, condemnation and judgement.

Dominatrix countess diamond wearing latex holding a single tail whip

Back to BDSM basics

The BDSM community can seem alien when you first encounter it, but all it takes is a little patience and some basic research. This is not the Illuminati, or the Masons – there is no ritual, human sacrifice or handshake to get in – you just have to learn how to interact with people all over again.

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“I don’t have any limits, Miss!”

A statement that genuinely makes my full body shudder. You think you’re telling me “I’m the biggest, bravest submissive you’ve ever met!”. When in reality it reads as “I haven’t thought this through enough” or worse “I don’t care about myself”.

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Why Chastity is Freedom (for you!)

There is no doubt about it, sexual desires are distracting. At the worst possible time, that little prick shaped bit of your brain pings and there you are, off in fantasy land with last month’s paperwork piling up beside you in the home office while you once again wander off to your favourite subscription site with your hand in your pants. Sufficiently jerked off, you wash your hands and wipe the sweat from your brow before logging in to that Zoom call.

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