Dominatrix in Bristol

Beautiful, Enchanting & Sensual

Countess Diamond is a professional Dominatrix from Bristol. She is an emotional sadist who loves to capture men’s hearts and keep them captivated, while exploring intense feelings of eroticism, need and submission. A seductive, hedonistic mix of beauty, intelligence and caring who creates moments that you will remember forever. 

The Woman Behind The Whip

From personality to preferences, find out more about Bristol's sensual Mistress: The Countess

From personality to her Femdom and Fetish preferences, find out more about The Countess


Chastity is next level submission

There’s submission to your Domme, then there is total surrender to your Domme.

Enjoy the presence and power of your Mistress through chastity


Taboos & Humiliation

When I take a man’s lust and make him work for it.

Taboos are any sexual preferences or activities that have been demonised and shunned through mainstream media, society, and sexual norms.


Hear What Mistress Has To Say

Bristol dominatrix

Top 5 kinks

Countess Diamond’s Top 5 Kinks If you are reading my website and blogs you’ll be getting to know me pretty well. But a smart boy will be reading not just because he’s vaguely interested, but because he’s actively doing “research”. These are all valuable little nuggets of information that will

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Pain and pleasure in a play scene

Pain and pleasure in a play scene Pain is not just about body parts and nerve endings, it’s the output of the brain, the response that is designed to protect you. It’s not something that comes from the touch of the flogger itself, but the neurological sequence of events that

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