An Interview With Bristol Dominatrix The Countess

Countess Diamond is a professional Dominatrix, Mistress and key holder from Bristol, UK. Her style is far from the traditional notion of a Dominatrix “I’m not a stern Mistress dressed top to toe in leather, I smile, I tease, I’m playful, but it’s like playing with fire.” 

'I'm playful, but it's like playing with fire'

Where did it all begin?

Becoming a dominatrix was not a first career choice for The Countess, whose initial interests lay within the arts. “It began like any other job does: You plan life to be upon one route and of course it ends up going in an entire different direction.” After dabbling in lifestyle play and then the cam world She then discovered She “just loved everything about being in front of the camera and in control, from there it was a very natural progression. I get great pleasure from focusing upon the individual, watching the way they watch Me.”

When did you realise you were good at the job?

“It was not until recently that I realised I might be good at this. I thought anyone could do it. Dominance is already within me and always has been I just didn’t identify this in the beginning.”

Countess Diamond is now the UK’s highest ranking AVN star and winner of the UK Fetish Awards ‘Fetish Producer of the year 2020’. Her work explores effortless eroticism, love, desire, need and submission.

What do you enjoy the most?

“Some submissive gentlemen approach Me with the question ‘What is it that You enjoy Countess? Because I want to do what You enjoy’  The answer is that I enjoy seeing a submissive in their zone. I would much rather explore things, push some limits, and watch you enter the subspace zones that makes Me smile so much.”

“I am an emotional sadist without doubt” but it’s not just being the mental Dominant that She enjoys “within the sphere of the dungeon I’m very physically tactile and caring but make no mistake, I am a powerful seducer of hearts and an ego crusher.”

“I get a thrill from exaggerating a persons weakness and leading them into the darkness to escape the mundane.” but it’s not all about dungeon depravity for The Countess. “There are moments where I watch the submissive untangle their desires and release their inhibitions to express their true repressed character. It’s beautiful.”

Are there parts of the job you dislike?

Every job has its downsides and Domination is no different. “There have been times when I’ve felt rushed into organising a one-to-one meeting or been treated like a disposable commodity. And, while I appreciate I am there to quench someone’s thirst for submission under my Dominance, an over-eagerness to rush the build up or reduce the experience to a basic transaction gives me little pleasure.” 

 The Countess is all about the denial. She asks that those who wish to see Her have “self-awareness, and seek to find pleasure in subtle, slow seduction.” Remembering that the key to a good Domme/sub connection is “about the journey and not the destination.”

Which areas of BDSM you want to explore further, or specialise in?

“I’m fascinated with medical play and want to explore this a lot more. Body modification, medical and edge play is fascinating, but very specialised and I am not nearly educated enough to step into this world. Simple needle play is about as far as I currently go.

I feel it’s important to learn and push My skills into new areas but to also educate and empower O/others along the way. There is also a lot of work to be done in clip creation and pushing the quality of image content that is out there.”

How do you suggest someone gets to know you better?

“In essence, let’s talk! 

I suggest someone appeal to as many of My senses as possible. That they listen, pay attention to details and see beyond the image of ‘Dominant Woman’. Self-serving offers of devotion will be ignored. I only ever want to play with a submissive who values My Skills, Character and Intelligence and offer their true self.”

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