…from your ordinary life into a world of exquisite submission. 

A seductive, hedonistic mix of beauty, intelligence and caring I am an emotional sadist who loves to capture men’s hearts and keep them captivated as I explore feelings of eroticism, need and submission. All the while creating moments that will stay with you forever.


Truth, Honesty & Acceptance


Cheap Lingerie & Disorganisation


Chastity Keys, Expensive Shoes & Married Men

My Practice

I am wise, patient to the point of indecision, and discreet to the point of being secretive. Let me be the guardian of your subconscious mind, using my intuitive knowledge to unlock your hidden desires.

A Little More

I welcome novices and experienced slaves alike – you will be in safe, caring hands. I understand the trepidation that accompanies visiting a Mistress and can assure you your safety and discretion is always paramount. All of My sessions operate along safe, sane and consensual lines.

I expect respect, and believe in traditional gentlemanly values and like being treated like a lady. I expect you to read my FAQ’s, understand my Do’s and Dont’s and then, and only then, to contact me.


Greek food, Vodka & Shoes


Discrimination & Negativity


Your Mind