Dominatrix Countess Diamond

When did you realise you were Dominant?

Domination is who I am, and I express it in everything that I do. I can’t help it! it makes me feel so alive to wrap men around my little finger – and I’m a natural at it.

I effortlessly influence and control the men in my life. Since becoming a professional Dominatrix, I honed my technical skills and began to experiment, and soon discovered My style of playful, teasing and cerebral dominance was quite niche.

I take pride in my dominance, and the community of serving submissives I have built.

What do you enjoy doing?

I am an artistic, cerebral dominant and I thrive on psychological control.

I crave intimate experiences that push boundaries and break hearts. I enjoy playing with partners who are open to fulfilling my desires with their submission.

How can a submissive serve you?

I’m all about the details. I ask that those who wish to see Me have self-awareness, and seek to find pleasure in an artistic, cerebral, slow seduction. Offer yourself to Me by beginning your journey.

What kind of Domme are you?

Spotting class and dominance is easy. It’s the vibration I give off, so even when your eyes can’t see Me, you can nonetheless feel My presence. That’s why you turn to look at Me as I stroll down your vanilla high street, in your vanilla town.

A seductive, nurturing, sensual, hedonistic mix of sex appeal and intelligence. I am an emotional sadist, I take hearts and I keep them as I explore eroticism, creating moments that will stay with you forever. I am wise, patient and discreet.

Let me be the guardian of your subconscious mind, using my intuitive knowledge to unlock your hidden desires.

A sensual Dominant with a natural talent for coercing men to bend to My will. 

I expect respect and believe in traditional gentlemanly values, and I like being treated like a lady. I expect you to read my website, understand my Do’s and Dont’s, and only then contact me.

My Rules

Serving Me is not easy, but it is very worth it.

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