Becoming A Chastity Slave

Thoughts from a sub's first Locktober

Chastity has always been something of an interest of mine, though for years it was essentially an academic one. I always really enjoyed watching videos of someone being locked away and teased within an inch of the erotic abyss, or of reading erotica with that sort of scene and energy.

A Domme in charge of someone’s most precious capacity, for erection, and for orgasm, has fascinated me for a while. But again, idle fantasies…until this year.

"It was a remarkably intimate sort of persistent domination that I had never really experienced"

This year I had decided to finally get a device for myself. I had no real plan to leap into any sort of keyholding, it was more for self-bondage play at home, or for being a little kinky while doing chores. My stints in chastity were a few hours at most before I grew tired or frustrated with it and unlocked myself for a rousing pleasure session.

I had been chatting on and off with Countess Diamond over the early part of this year, a little about erotic writing, a little about chastity, and a little about BDSM in general. Over the summer I happened to see a post from her about accepting new applicants for her week long chastity program. I felt quite tingly at the feeling and idea of actually having someone be in charge of my chastity-locked member. After some mental back and forth about whether I should take the plunge I finally messaged her and requested a spot in her program, hoping I could give it a go.

"Getting increasingly sensitive, throbbing against the cage"

That was a truly incredible first week, and first dip, into chastity. Countess Diamond was wonderful, providing expectations right up front about how she expected me to secure myself. As well, she was clear she wanted to hear about my experiences, my mental thrills and struggles as I slowly immersed myself for this first time under someone else’s  control. This was the first time I didn’t get to take my device off when I was bored, or  tired, or just after wearing it.

For six hours…then twelve then twenty- four…and beyond. I had to keep wearing it, submitting to her spot checks, completing tasks (whether letting her know how I was feeling, what sorts of dreams I had experienced while locked away, doing things around the house, or teasing myself for her). I was being controlled, molded by her keen mind and sensual dominance. It was an amazing  experience, during the last month of summer, and fired all manner of imaginative ideas and fantasies. Something as simple as going to the bathroom reminded me on a daily basis that certain parts of my body, certain daily rituals, were effectively under someone else’s control. It was a remarkably intimate sort of persistent domination that I had never really experienced. Even before I locked up that week she could make me squirm with fifteen seconds of audio. By the end of that week, I felt like a shuddery, pleasure-wracked mess. And all without a single ejaculation. I was rather hooked on the feeling.

Even then I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go from there on my chastity adventures. Making the jump directly from one week of control to an entire month a la Locktober was a big leap. At the time I was released in August, I hadn’t really put much though into giving it a try this year. But I kept turning over my experiences in my head. And eventually, when I saw Countess Diamond post about the Locktober Club, it only took a few hours of consideration. I was going to give it a shot! 

September was a month of nervous anticipation, getting ready for the challenge ahead. It seemed to drag on, yet soon enough October 1 st arrived. I fastened myself into my device, locked my numbered lock on, and was once more under Countess Diamond’s control. For 31 whole days and nights, I was to be her chastity slave. A secret prisoner, going about my normal life, all the while securely under her dominant eye.

“I desperately didn’t want to disobey or to violate the terms of my captivity”

The first few days were more or less as I had expected, having done the week of chastity before. Getting increasingly sensitive, throbbing against the cage (especially when the Countess provided video or auditory teases) and generally trying to readjust to a controlled existence once more. I found myself having more vivid, and occasionally more kinky dreams, which compounded those nights of tossing and turning in the first few evenings. I also found myself checking, re-checking, and checking again how the cage looked underneath my clothes. 

Desperately hoping things weren’t too obvious, even as at the same time my fantasies thrived with ideas of dominant women recognizing my situation and taking advantage of me. Such were the stimulants for even more cage-tightening thoughts and desires. By the end of the first week I was very comfortably in that chastity ‘golden zone’ where I delighted in the teasing and frustrated arousal, while at the same time often begging (mentally at least) for ‘please no, stop’ with each new sensual tease.

“I felt with each passing day, more safe and secure when inside the cage”

It was after that first week that Countess Diamond amped things up a bit, requiring teasing strokes to the very limit of my self-control. Then, with no satisfaction whatsoever, I was re-locked in chastity. After that self-imposed torture I was weirdly relieved to go back into the cage, somehow feeling far more secure and safe contained within my cock cage. That unique mind fuck that chastity delivers in spades.

After I reached that point the days seemed to stream by. Soon enough I had hit two weeks. Then the mid-point of the month. More edging tasks required. More panting frustrations as my cock was ever more responsive and sensitive to the touch. I found that even when cleaning had to be rather careful when I had those brief periods of freedom from the cage. I desperately didn’t want to disobey or to violate the terms of my captivity, and so I began to feel, with each passing day, more safe and secure when inside the cage. No matter how irritating it occasionally could be when in bed, or when walking or at the gym, it kept my hands away, and my mind swimming in frustrated arousal. Made worse (better?) by Countess Diamond’s expertly crafted approach to sensual domination. A few words, or a picture of her holding a collar out, or other wonderful teases were enough to bring little whimpers of frustrated pleasure to my lips almost any evening with ease.

"Countess Diamond’s expertly crafted approach to sensual domination"

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I didn’t quite make it through the month with a perfect record, alas. I made the mistake of opening up a task message while still walking home, and as a result didn’t quite meet the imposed time limit. As a consequence of which, I would have to suffer through an additional three days of chastity after the end of Locktober. I remember staring at that simply statement of fact. Knowing that I would obey, yet also desperately frustrated, knowing that my opportunity for that long awaited release was that much further out of my grasp. I remember my cage feeling so tight as I read that my cock was still to be owned even after the end of the Locktober period. But willing all the same, despite the frustration.

After that imposed penalty, Countess Diamond seemed to realize how much teasing about time extensions seemed to affect me. Those began to feature more in the messages she sent, musing aloud through text about what she might do to break me…or to frustrate me further. Wondering how much longer it would be…if this would be the only extension…

“It has been such an incredible shift in my lifestyle and in my day to day. I had no idea how intense the journey would be at times”

I was delighted. And frustrated. And nervous. And elated. And a whole seething, writhing ball of emotions it seemed. And I was still so very eager to continue. The final week seemed to sprint past me all the same, caught up as I was in the realization that I had done it. I had basically managed what had seemed impossible back in the summer. A full month (just about) locked away and under Countess Diamond’s control. I was incredibly proud of myself, and utterly committed to succeeding in the final days.

The teasing of course didn’t let up. Little bits like “I don’t really want to even think of unlocking you” would give me plenty of frustrated arousal to mentally push through, squirming and shivering the entire time.

"I will miss this feeling of being controlled, cared for, and dominated on a daily basis"

And then of course, the Halloween surprise. Everyone involved in Locktober was to be extended by three days. Which meant of course for me that I had another six days in chastity. All the way to at least the 6th of November, to be still denied any pleasure beyond whatever I could experience as a locked chastity slave for Countess Diamond. I remember going a little bug-eyed and whimpering at that, but the thought of disobeying never crossed my mind. Rather incredible, looking back at that moment, just how much I had altered from the start of the month. Going from complete sexual freedom, to complete sexual control and submission. Not having any ability to pleasure myself beyond frustrated teases imposed from the Countess. “I wonder if I’ll ever let you finish…?” Looking at those words on the screen just floods me with feelings of submission and frustrated arousal. So easily reduced to the status and feeling of a slave, with the typing or crooning, of a few words…

"I have been completely enthralled by my experience"

It has been 36 days and counting since I was last allowed to orgasm. There’s been plentiful chances to edge and frustrate myself, bringing me to the heights of denied arousal. But a month and more it’s been, since I was allowed to touch myself with the knowledge that I had the freedom and privilege to cum. It has been such an incredible shift in my lifestyle and in my day to day. I had no idea how intense the journey would be at times. I had no idea how wonderful a feeling it could be to have my orgasms denied, to have my cock controlled, and to have tasks and punishments handed down for my performance.

As I write this post, I am still locked away. Countess Diamond alone knows when I get to be released. Though I hope and look forward to the day that I will finally get to cum, I also know that I will miss this feeling of being controlled, cared for, and dominated on a daily basis. I will miss the heights of frustrated arousal that I hit throughout this month. I will miss the ever present thrill of not being in charge. And I know that there will come a moment, after I’ve tasted freedom, when I will begin to dream of the cage again. Dream of her control again. Dream of doing this all over again.
It has been an absolutely incredible journey, and I cannot thank Countess Diamond enough for crafting the wonderful and challenging experience that this Locktober was for me. She is an incredible domme to have in leading someone through the month, and a wonderful person to boot!

I have been completely enthralled by my experience.
I started out this year as a Chastity Fantasist.
I started out this Locktober as a Chastity Enthusiast.

I will end this Locktober, whenever it ends, as a Chastity Slave.
Thank you Countess