Treating & Tributing

Perhaps you want to make a good impression from the start or make up for any slip in your servitude.

My Amazon Wishlist is a fantastic place to find a practical gift you can be sure I will adore. If you prefer to gift a more luxurious or specific item, gift cards can be emailed to my assistant. For something extra special and unique I love shoes and house plants.

Tributes for sessions or 1-1 video calls are best sent via WishTender.

My Rules

Serving Me is not easy, but it is very worth it.

Let's Talk

Send Me a hello and sink into submission.

In Session

Find out what happens in session with Me.

Tributing my time doesn’t negate the intensity or intimacy of our relationship. It just underscores the basis of it. It shows total respect for my profession, which I work so hard at.