Chastity Tips & Tricks

All the tips and tricks, collated over the years from industry experts, Mistresses and well practiced locked servants.

The First Few Days

You’re keen to experience the thrills of chastity. To avoid disappointment you’ll need to control your excitement. Begin with wearing your chastity cage for 10 minutes and see how things feel, slowly increase your time in the cage. There’s no doubt you’ll experience discomfort in the early days, but at no point should you experience physical pain.

If this happens remove the chastity cage. Don’t sleep in the cage until you’re completely at ease with it. While redness is common, you should not go purple – this is a sign of restricted blood flow. 

If you feel any pinching or rubbing remove the chastity cage immediately.

Find your place in My world

You have a deep sexual need for submission to a Dominant Woman that won’t fade and despite your best efforts, it has taken root in your mind. It swirls around in your head after dark and somehow, it’s led you here. To Me. 

Maintenance and Keys

Sometimes metal locks can get a bit stiff, or worse break (I’m looking at you Jeeves!) Keep them lubricated and keep an eye out for any rusting, cracks, or dents.

3D printed cages tend to have small print marks or lines, the best way to tackle these is with some super fine sandpaper. Some resin cages will go soft at temperatures above 70c. If a little adjustment is needed you can submerge your cage in hot water for 20 seconds at a time.

Long Term Success

Having the someone hold your key, someone who will keep you in check and accountable is always going to be a great way to stay locked. Be sure you’ve chosen your intended key holder well. Read her website and get to know her style to be sure she’s the one for you.

Body Hair

Body hair is a natural moisture balancer, remove it with a close shave or wax treatment and you’re going to begin to feel rubbing and sweaty! The best option is a neat trim, keeping any long hairs for getting caught while still providing the all important moisture wicking.

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