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Countess Diamond regularly contributes to or is quoted by a wide variety of web sites, print magazines, television programmes and academic journals. Here you can find some of those recent media appearances and contributions.

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‘I’m a financial dominatrix – rich men pay me to spend their money’

Eager ‘submissives’ are handing control of their bank accounts to strangers online – with unexpected consequences.

She earns six figures looking after the money of chief executives and bankers – but this is not your average financial adviser…

Amelia Murray for Telegraph Money / 1 March 2024

A Few Favourites

4 March 2024

International Women’s Day & Healthy Sex

For International Women’s Day, Bondara wanted to highlight and support some of the amazing ladies we’ve worked with recently.

We had a chat with Ellie Fox, Model; Dani Conlon, Community and Partnership Lead at The Lowdown; Shakira Scott, a.k.a Scotty Unfamous, Sexual Wellness Content Creator and Educator; and Countess Diamond, Professional Dominatrix and Sex Worker’s Union Rep.


Eloise Hendy for Vice Magazine
24 January 2024

I Did Work Experience with a Dominatrix for a Day

Everyone claims to be into kink these days, but how do the professionals do it? I shadowed Countess Diamond to find out.

Metro Newspaper logo

Kirsten Robertson for Metro Newspaper
24 November 2023

Podcast: ‘If you’re making thousands a day in the sex industry – you need to be paying that back’

Countess Diamond has built hundreds of thousands of followers on OnlyFans, flitting between clients to help them express all manner of fetish or kink-based desires.

The Bristolian dominatrix is also fighting for the rights of sex workers.

Listen to the podcast here.

Previous Mentions and Appearances

10 April 2024

Countess Diamond nominated Sex Worker of the Year

Countess Diamond is one of the finalists for Sex Worker of the Year award in the Sexual Freedom Awards 2024


Countess Diamond YouTube Channel
25 February 2024

Discussing the impact of the UK Online Harms Act 2023 on SX industries!

SX worker rights activist and SX Worker Union Rep Countess Diamond engages in a thought-provoking dialogue with LGBTQ+ activist and pro-Dom Chris Underwill about the implications of the Online Harms Act in the UK.


Adult Industry Association
17 February 2024

Adult Industry Association on YouTube - UK Pornography Review

This episode of AIA Live is the first in a series of online discussions for Porn Producers, Porn Performers, Cam Models and other stakeholders in porn industry in the UK to voice their concerns about the problems they face as a result of the opinions and decisions of the conservative moral minority, the government, the church, banks and other related organisations. 

GQ Magazine Logo

Kate Sloan for GQ Magazine
26 January 2024

The Best Chastity Cages Are The Key To Hotter BDSM Sex

Everything King Midas touched would turn to gold, but incidentally, the intent of this specific gold Midas is to prevent you from touching yourself. Dominatrix Countess Diamond recommends metal cages like this one for intermediate chastity fans, because of how the heaviness feels compared to plastic or silicone. Plus, the high-quality gold-plated exterior will make you feel like a king, which could be worth the price tag alone.

Metro Newspaper logo

Alice Giddings for Metro Newspaper
23 January 2024

My girlfriend wants to sleep with other people — am I wrong to disagree?

Diamond tells ‘While the sexual lives of polyamorists, swingers and those into orgies, group sex and non-monogamy do overlap with the interests, events and lifestyles of those interested in kink, it’s important to remember that BDSM is not entirely focused upon liberation from monogamy.

11 January 2024

BDSM Branding

Why do people engage in BDSM branding?

Countess Diamond, a professional dominatrix from the United Kingdom, says “Permanent branding is considered the highest honor a dominant can bestow upon a submissive. It’s a visual dedication and symbolizes the bond between submissive and dominant.”