Online Chastity Keyholding

Experience Real Femdom Chastity Training

You have reached a stage of acceptance. You can no longer deny yourself without an online femdom chastity Mistress.

Through each stage of your online chastity slave training journey, through frustration and desperation, you will come out feeling more submissive than you could ever have imagined.

How femdom chastity training works

Becoming a Chastity Slave Requires Communication

To truly become a femdom chastity slave communication must take place multiple times a day through LoyalFans or OnlyFans. Chastity slave training requires audio & visual messaging.

Does chastity slave training require a cage?

Chastity cages are great, but not essential

 They aren’t a make-or-break condition of My Online Chastity Keyholding training but if you do choose to wear one, you can expect the discomfort to begin a little sooner. The chastity cage adds weight, and presence, and is a great reminder of the commitment you have made to your Mistress.

You will need to remove the device twice a week, at a minimum, for hygiene and maintenance – after which you will replace it with a new numerical lock.

Chastity Cages

Which chastity cage is best, from beginner to expert.

Why Lock?

Why chastity is a pleasure for everyone.

Tips & Tricks

Important chastity tips & tricks from submissives.

Looking to become a chastity slave?

Femdom chastity training is better with a Mistress

Working with a chastity training Mistress is more effective than attempting chastity training alone for various reasons.

An experienced femdom chastity Mistress can offer specialised knowledge and guidance,  while ensuring safety. Accountability is essential in enhancing the effectiveness of chastity training, thus helping maintain consistency.

Additionally, a online chastity Dominatrix can offer valuable guidance in navigating the challenges and complexities of cages and comfort. Support from an experienced chastity key holder will help you achieve your long locked goals.

And for the key holder: being an online chastity key holder is so empowering. Knowing you will beg and bargain for release is pleasurable. I was to constantly holding the promise of freedom and orgasm over you like a cat toying with a mouse.

Does chastity training enhance submission?

Reach deep submission with a chastity keyholder

Everyone is different. Submission isn’t always driven by a mental need, but what many don’t anticipate is the mental peace that can come from extended chastity. The depths of submission that you can reach are mind-blowing.

These long weeks and lingering months of being a chastity slave will provide an insight into the experience of ownership and encourage deeper submission. 

You should receive a lot less pleasure and gratification than Me. A lot less! Thats O/our dynamic. Thinking about you bulging and straining against your chastity cage is satisfying, but its nothing compared to knowing I control your destiny.

Chastity training mistress Countess Diamond with her chastity keys

Unsure about Femdom chastity cage training?

Here are 8 reasons to lock your cock

Here are some potential reasons why someone might choose to engage in chastity training:

  1. Explore your role within BDSM Some individuals or couples may be drawn to becoming a chastity slave as a form of sexual experimentation. It allows them to explore new sexual dynamics and experiences that they find intriguing or arousing, adding excitement and novelty to their relationship or sex life.

  2. Submission and Dominance: BDSM interests are not always shared in relationships. Engaging with a chastity mistress online can be a discreet way to indulge in your submissive desires.

  3. Control and Teasing: For some, the idea of relinquishing control over their sexual activities to a trusted partner can be exciting. Femdom chastity training allows a dominant partner to control the release of sexual tension, which can be a source of pleasure and anticipation.

  4. Kink and Fetish Fulfillment: Chastity devices can be a fetish or kink for some individuals. They derive sexual satisfaction or pleasure from wearing these devices or from their partner wearing them.

  5. Long-Distance Relationships: Chastity training can be employed in long-distance relationships as a way to maintain a sense of intimacy and control over one’s sexual desires when physical closeness is not possible.

  6. Trust and Communication: Engaging in chastity training requires a high level of trust and communication. It can promote open discussions about boundaries, desires, and consent, strengthening connection to yourself and bring about self acceptance.

  7. Self-Exploration: Some individuals may see indulging in femdom chastity keyholding as a form of self-discovery and personal growth. It allows them to explore their own sexual desires, limits, and boundaries.

  8. Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction: For some, the anticipation and buildup of sexual tension during online chastity keyholding can lead to more intense and satisfying sexual experiences when release finally occurs.

It’s crucial to emphasize that chastity training should always be consensual, with clear boundaries and open communication between all involved parties. It’s not something that should be imposed on someone without their full agreement, and it should be practiced safely to avoid any physical or emotional harm. Ultimately, the motivations behind chastity training are highly personal and can vary widely from one individual or couple to another.

Why Lock?

Why chastity is a pleasure for everyone.

Chastity Cages

Which chastity cage is best, from beginner to expert.

Tips & Tricks

Important chastity tips & tricks from submissives.