Sensual Dominatrix in Bristol, UK

Contacting The Countess

The ONLY assured way of contacting Countess Diamond directly is through the AVN messaging system or by booking a dedicated Skype call. Please do not email.

The Countess will rarely, if ever, respond to an email or Twitter message. She strictly does not meet anyone in a one-to-one capacity without prior communication. One-to-one meetings have always been a privilege and never a right. Even more so recently, considering the risk of Covid and the up-close nature of dungeon play.

You’ve had submissive thoughts spinning through your mind for years. You’ve tried to ignore them, denied yourself, even tried to change yourself. You are now at a point where you’ve considered all the options and can no longer ignore your inner voice and true nature. Now that you’ve stopped running from it, every considered step you take from now on will either nudge you closer to, or potentially further from, a meeting with The Countess. She suggests that an approaching submissive does so with an open mind and engages in relaxed conversation to see if there’s a mutual connection or common kinky interests before any discussion of a one-to-one.

The answer to your needs is here but, DO NOT rush your interactions. This is an important opportunity for you to decide if She is the right Dominant Woman for you and, let Her see that you might be the right submissive for Her.

Eager to learn more before you leap?

naked domination

“Owning a man’s sexual pleasure is extremely pleasing to me. You should receive a lot less pleasure and gratification than me. A lot less! Being a keyholder is so empowering, watching you beg and bargain for release, constantly denying you the feelings of lust and orgasm, makes me cum harder I swear. Thinking about you bulging and straining in your cage, as I send you provocative images of me through the day, is so satisfying.

I can inflame you until you are a raging furnace, but you will never escape and engulf me. I am just out of reach at all times, but I can see the desperation building and building…. God that’s so hot! I like the feeling of knowing I’m being enjoyed, devoured by a man’s eyes but entirely unattainable.”

“Everyone also has different pain thresholds, but with the right motivations (pleasure receptor stimulus) you can push through the pain barrier and make me proud. We are conditioned to see pain as a bad thing, and in most circumstances that would be logical and sensible. But here, the power exchange is not the only reversal of societal norms.

How hard someone can take a beating is not about how much physical pain they can absorb, it is about how much mental resilience they have. The brain is a powerful tool, and some have the ability to tune out pain or control it, manage it in a different way. I think perhaps it still hurts the same for everyone, but how we process pain is on a huge spectrum. This often catches me out, because the people you think look formidable and solid aren’t always the toughest.”


Arrange a Skype

Countess Diamond offers online domination or casual chat via Skype or Zoom.

Please provide the date and time of the booking in your reference/ payment notes. Eg:  10/6/2021 10pm