Digital D/S

Though nothing can replace a highly charged, visceral dungeon session

 We do have to be thankful that we live in the rapidly expanding digital age. We have options, and I am determined to push online play to the edge. To get as close to the rush of real time as possible through a screen. I definitely think this is possible. We watch horror movies and feel fear, we cry for tragic characters on the TV. It is possible to “feel” through a screen.

When the interaction is driven by a beautifully motivated professional BDSM lover, then the possibilities are truly endless. But what you bring to the game makes a huge difference too.

I can have the scene set, the tools to hand, the outfit and excitement all turned up to max. But if you show up and passively participate on a webcam session I cannot carry the energy all on my own. If you know you just want to watch, and not “get involved” then that’s OK. Just know there are options. You can buy my clips on Twitter posts. This might be the level where you feel comfortable.

Just know your levels, and know your kink. Do some research, or book time with me to discuss something that interests you, that maybe you don’t yet understand. Then we can move on to a live webcam session. And I can guide you through the new hunger that is growing inside you, and bring these fantasies to life. BDSM utopia requires patience, and honestly most don’t have it. Which is why when I do find it in a play partner, its rarity is part of the rush. Because I feed off your submission, it is like fuel to my fire. While much is being discussed about how subs, slaves and bottoms are struggling without their anchoring dominant, I want to talk about how we, as Tops, are also adrift without our subtoys to play with. However much you may feel deprived at the moment. Spare a thought for your Domme? She is aching for the rush of gifted subservience. A good dungeon session leaves us floating for hours after. Glowing in all our sadistic glory. I have often walked home through the streets feeling like I have just changed someone’s life. Knowing I have just transformed how they see the world, it’s nothing short of epic what I can do for you. That’s where the high comes from, not from hurting people. The delicious Domme space is a result of knowing I have performed a modern day miracle. What I can get you to do, to push you into a place where everything else falls away. It’s the best feeling. Then, on days like this, when you are fully attuned to me, to the session, and surrender to the experience with a Domme you trust, you can achieve subspace. Each of our respective “space places” are different. It should at its core be a feeling of intense positivity. Like suddenly everything is amazing, it’s a high but without the nasty side effect of drugs. However, much like drugs it has a come-down that we describe as “sub-drop”. Conversely we get “Domme drop”. And it is like a sudden sinking feeling. Back to reality and it is not pleasant.
We are so used to interacting through screens, we feel physical responses to words and images on screens all the time, so I know we can adapt to meet both our needs to get through this. As with a real time session, it may take a number of visits to establish a workable connection. That goes somewhere and begins to feel “real”. If a someone wants to find a Domme to submit to during this lock-down, they should be prepared to put in time, effort and money to get it. Just like in the real world, a quick fix is an empty exchange. And we can do that. But it’s not what you want, and it’s not what I want. Get to know me, through my various platforms and the more you know, the better you will understand me. BDSM is all about depth, and it can still be achieved through online play. Want to find out if I’m right? Subscribe here, I’ll be waiting…Loyal Fans

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