My Top 5 Kinks

To know what really gets me fired up, listen up:

If you are reading my website and blogs you’ll be getting to know me pretty well. But a smart pet will be reading not just because they are vaguely interested, but because they are actively doing “research”.

These are all valuable little nuggets of information that will help you distinguish yourself from the other subs that approach Me. A sub that has done their homework is obvious and I will notice.


Owning a man’s sexual pleasure is extremely pleasing to me.

Tease & Denial

You arrive horny out of your mind, I tie you to a chair and then mercilessly tease your eyes, your ears, and your cock. Your hands twitch, desperate to reach out and feel me, my clothing. But they are bound and you are helpless. I can inflame you until you are a raging furnace, but you will never escape and engulf me. I am just out of reach at all times, but I can see the desperation building and building…. God that’s so hot!

I like the feeling of knowing I’m being enjoyed, devoured by a man’s eyes but entirely unattainable.


Owning a man’s sexual pleasure is extremely pleasing to me. You should receive a lot less pleasure and gratification than me. A lot less! Being a keyholder is so empowering, watching you beg and bargain for release, constantly denying you the feelings of lust and orgasm, makes me cum harder I swear. Thinking about you bulging and straining in your cage, as I send you provocative images of me throughout the day, is so satisfying.

When it is combined with the above kind of T&D scenarios, so much the better. 

‘The rewards and punishments that make you tick combined with the expertise you’ve always needed’


I fucking adore beautiful things (more a personal fetish than a D/s thing but it goes hand in hand) so being bought fine things like lingerie and expensive shoes, is a beautiful feeling. Throughout the ages, Goddesses have received sacrifices from their followers and disciples. This is an innate need to pay tribute to our chosen deity. This is no different, it is a form of worship, ensuring I am given luxury items, even if it means you will be going without treats yourself. This works within Findom and Femdom and plays into chastity scenarios too. Many of my favourite fetishes intertwine, everything is connected.

Mental Sadism

Or it could be called emotional sadism. But what I’m getting at is the inner workings of your head, this is vital to my way of practising kink. I don’t want to be just a lust object to you, I want your first thought in the morning and last thought at night to be about pleasing and serving me. I want to crawl inside my servants head and rewire it. This requires a great deal of effort on my part as you can imagine, but despite that you won’t even necessarily notice it happening. BDSM is at its most transformative when a mental element is involved, these sessions really imprint on your soul and solidify our bond.

Physical Pain

His physical suffering at my hand is my ultimate turn on. My aim is good, but I’d rather administer pain with my body somehow, than with an object. I’m not squeamish, but I’m also not going to hurt someone for the sake of it. It has to be for my pleasure, I have to make them fall in lust with me every time a strike lands. He will then come to realise how much he is really prepared to sacrifice just to be close to me. Because that is the price of proximity.

Safety In BDSM

Safety should come up in conversation before the first strike lands

Love or Lust?

Relationships are complex, even more so in BDSM & kink worlds.

In Session With Me

Learn what happens in BDSM session with a Dominatrix.