A BDSM Dungeon Session

Before Our Dungeon Session

Setting clear intentions and boundaries establishes trust.

Once we know each other through a video call, or online platform messaging you may apply for a session with Me HERE.

Regardless of how familiar we are with each other’s boundaries, each session will always begin with a quick check-in. You may well be overwhelmed, speechless even. But make the effort to answer My prompts as gestures or non-verbal clues leave room for guessing. BDSM is a process and something we will build together. Establishing mutual trust allows us to push deeper and harder over time. 

Before You Begin

To session with Me you must already be a subscriber to My online platforms. If you're not already, I suggest messaging Me with a short introduction to break the ice.

During Our Session

All that you once knew will fade into the background.

I will introduce you to My world through little whispers, gentle touches, and teasing glimpses. Setting the tone for our time together as I begin to figure you out, before putting you through your paces. Your role during the session is simple: be prepared, be open-minded, and be honest with Me.

This is the one place where you can be completely free, and feel vulnerable yet safe. This is where you no longer need to hide. I won’t be upset or angry if you say you don’t like something or need to use the safe word. Honesty is vital – and without it, you are setting us both up to fail.

After Our Session

Be mindful of landing back to earth with a thud.

After our first session, you will need to go home and rest. Take some time to process the events of the day. I encourage you to reflect and begin to dissect your reactions. Experiencing sub drop is very common, so should you need to please talk with me about how you felt before, during, and after.

You've read everythig and youre ready to take the first step on this beautiful journey towards complete submission.

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In Session With Me

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