What Happens In a Session with a Dominatrix?

Submissives ask me all the time 'what will happen when we session' Countess?

Sessioning is complex and cannot be calculated or predicted. It is a subjective experience that can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including personal experience, limits, our relationship, and individual kinks or fetishes. The best I can do is provide you with testimonials from those who have walked the path ahead of you. 

What you will read below is from my loyal submissive, and friend, @JustStu. He wishes to advise readers of the following.

 ‘The first thing to note is that the initial meeting was much briefer than normal. This is because The Countess and I have sessioned before and spoken at length before our session. The second piece of information is that one of my limits is that I cannot be marked. This is particularly relevant for the second part of our session.’

My session with Countess Diamond

I arrived exactly on time and was greeted by the house servant. Unusually he had instructions from Countess that I was to wear a blindfold for our pre-session chat. I took the blindfold from him, went into the meeting room and put on the blindfold. I heard the tell-tale footsteps of Countess Diamond coming down the corridor towards me until it went quiet. A few seconds passed and then Countess’ familiar voice said, “good boy, you followed the instructions perfectly”. She told me that she didn’t want me to see her until She was ready for me too. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and discussed my health and confirmed my limits and interests for the day. “I want you to take a few seconds until I am gone and remove your blindfold. Then you will take my coffee upstairs where you will kneel, dressed in your suit. Replace your blindfold and wait for me.”

“I heard the tell-tale footsteps of Countess Diamond coming down the corridor towards me”

Once her footsteps had gone, that is exactly what I did. I took off my blindfold, made my way to the dungeon, Countess’ coffee in hand, replaced the blindfold and knelt fully clothed on the floor. Before my second knee had even touched the floor, I could hear Countess Diamond’s footsteps echoing up the stairs. My heart was already racing but panic was setting in, the layout was different so was I in a suitable place? Am I facing the right way? Details that I’m sure didn’t actually matter as She had not specified, but things were happening quickly and uncontrolled thoughts ran through my mind…

“You look good in a suit” was all it took for my nerves to melt away. I no longer have much reason to wear a suit. For work or functions at all. But there were extra reasons why this was important today. I was meeting with Countess Diamond today; she would be making the effort to look fantastic. Because I had misunderstood a task that she set about making an effort to look good, completely missed the point and spectacularly failed. I needed to be better than flawless to make up for that.

“I am exactly where I need to be, where I am supposed to be.”

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Countess immediately noticed a book that I had bought with me and enquired about it. It was a book that we had spoken about, again on another task. She seemed interested in this book and so I bought her a copy as a Christmas present. Inside it was also my pledge to Her as part of another previous task. She thanked me and put them to one side.

I was instructed to stand, and Countess guided me, only a few steps, to our first stop in the dungeon where she loosened my tie, gagged me with it, and then tied it to the top of the suspension frame in such a way that if I moved too far, my tie would tighten around my mouth and neck.

“My heart was already racing but panic was setting in”

At the beginning of sessions, it is Countess’s right to inspect her property. Today was no different but she didn’t make this easy on me. My arms are positioned straight out in front of me, with a cane balanced on top of them. “I’ll be very disappointed if you lower your arms,” She told me. So whilst she lowered my suit jacket, lowered my trousers and opened my shirt to see everything she needed to see, my arms were straight ahead. I don’t want to disappoint her! Even now She was teasing me, brushing herself against me as she walked around. I could feel the latex wrapping her body. I so desperately wanted to see Her. “Very good,” She said as she removed the cane and lowered the leash that tied my tie to the ceiling. “Have you seen my posts this morning? Do you know what I am wearing?” She asked. “I haven’t seen them Countess due to driving, but I think you are wearing your new latex outfit, with a latex skirt and fishnets with your thigh-high boots”

“Today was no different but she didn’t make this easy on me.”

“very good, I am indeed. You’ll see it soon. But not yet. For now, you will just feel it some more” as Guided my hands across her body, exciting me the whole time.

She then led me, blindfolded, by the leash over to the bench where I was instructed to remove the rest of my clothes and fold them, place them on the floor and take my position on the bench. She fastened cuffs around my wrists and secured them in front of me whilst she collected her first implements of the day. Two floggers. She explained that one of them is very difficult to mark anyone with, and the other it is very easy to mark someone with.

“This is the most comfortable and reassuring flogging I’ve ever had!”

As the blows landed, quite soft at this time, she explained that she was using the softer one that was hard to mark someone with. She just wanted my flesh to pink up. To be nice and ready to be used. The hits continued, progressively harder, but nothing worth flinching or worrying about. 

She wasn’t trying to hurt me. Then a much heavier blow hit. “I could mark you very easily with this one,” She told me. “But I won’t”. There were a number of thoughts running through my head, but here are the main ones. She absolutely knows what she is doing. I know that she could mark me, she has told me that she could if she wanted, but I know she won’t. This is the most comfortable and reassuring flogging I’ve ever had! I know my boundaries will be respected and I am exactly where I need to be, where I am supposed to be.

“I am absolutely horrified, my head is spinning and I barely know what just happened. “

Once she is happy that I am warmed up enough, she stops. She unhooks the cuffs. “We are going to start where we left off last time, I want you to get into that position” I get up from the bench and move over to the table/bench and I lay, face up, with my feet just hanging off the edge. My blindfold is removed and sure enough, Countess Diamond looks incredible. Exactly as I thoughts she would. In the exact outfit I thoughts she had on. Countess Diamond takes my feet and attaches them to the suspension cuffs and secures them, widely spread, above me.

“Now last time, the electrics didn’t quite work, but I have tested them and I know they do today” She attaches something to my incredibly excited genitals. I couldn’t see what, but I soon knew that the electrics did indeed work. They were set at a constant level, not enough to hurt, but it felt like a vibrator was attached to my entire pubic area. A small plug was put in my arse. Everything felt amazing!

“No warning, no build-up. Just one hell of an explosion”

She then replaced the blindfold, put two pegs on my nipples and then covered my ears with some noise-cancelling headphones. This was new to me. She then covered my torso with a heavy leather covering and strapped me down to the bed. All the time, don’t know if she has turned the electrics up but I can feel them much more strongly. Still not painful at all. I then feel a vibrator on my cock. I haven’t so much as touched myself in 8 days and before I can even begin to moan in pleasure I erupt. No warning, no build-up. Just one hell of an explosion. The vibrator stops, and the blindfold and headphones are quickly removed. 

“Really? REALLY? I can’t believe you”. I am absolutely horrified, my head is spinning and I barely know what just happened. “You’ve ruined the surprise I had waiting for you with that. I was going to get you nice and ready to give you your first assgasm that you’ve wanted but I probably can’t do that now. We will have to change plans”. Countess, frustrated, cleans my mess up.

“I am absolutely horrified at myself for agreeing to what I just agreed to.”

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The blindfold and headphones are replaced and am plunged again into dark silence. The plug is taken out and a larger dildo is put in. Slowly it starts to move. In and out. Speed is gradually increased as the fucking machine is turned up. Countess then reapplies the vibrator to my cock, which has been erect the whole time thanks to the vibrator-like feelings from the electrics. 

And it is not long until I begin to squirm and beg as I am going to orgasm again. I struggle to make any words and sure as the sky is blue, I come again. “I am not happy with you, and you will be punished accordingly,” She tells me when she removed the headphones. “I’m sorry” I barely manage to mutter through my blissed-out head. “I think an appropriate punishment would be to collect all of your mess, let it cool down on the windowsill and then feed it back to you at the end. Don’t you agree?”

“I begin to squirm and beg as I am going to orgasm again”

“Yes, Countess” I agree. I couldn’t disagree at all, even if I wanted to, my head was broken through pleasure, I probably would have got my own name wrong at this point!

“Good pet. Now let’s see if we can add any more to the pot.”

At this point I am pretty much spent, there is nothing left to resist, even if I wanted to. But I am absolutely horrified at myself for agreeing to what I just agreed to. “It’s so much worse when it’s cold” Countess giggles as she climbs up onto the bench, with my head between her legs facing down the bench. She begins to push the vibrator, which is much weaker this time, against my cock.

I’ve come twice and it’s still hard, still electrified. As the strength of the fucking machine and vibrator is turned up, I can feel another orgasm welling up. Sensing this, Countess lowers herself onto my face. I now can’t breathe, see talk or anything else for that matter. All I can do is come, and I do. As what I can only describe as the absolute last I have dribbled out of my now utterly spent cock, Countess collects it up in the container, ready to cool down.

Slowly as I come back to reality, all of the restraints are removed and I’m left for a few moments to gather my thoughts and get movement back into my body. I clean myself up with the wipes provided and then it dawns on me that our time isn’t up. I can still barely think but I still have my punishment to endure.

Countess sits down on a stool and instructs me to kneel before her. She hands me my submissive pledge to read and between each sentence, she dribbles small amounts of cold, vile regret into my mouth.

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