Looking After Latex

The Essential Guide To Latex

Take care of what you love and it will love you back with interest. Latex is an investment for both sides of the dungeon divide so here I have created a quick guide to latex shopping, care, and protection.

Take care of what you love and it will love you back with interest

Before You Invest

Latex sizes are always cut small, be careful to use the measuring and fit guides from each makers site. If you’re unsure you can always contact them with your measurements. If it’s financially viable, I recommend you get your styles made to measure, latex needs to fit like a glove, that’s the whole point.

Colours like red, pink and white never seem to appear to shine as much as blacks, blues and purples. So If the shine is important to you, shop for darker colours. Most latex houses have a wide variety of colour choices. A personal favourite of mine is the Plum colour by William Wilde. 

How To Shine Latex

The key to making latex go from eye-catching to jaw-dropping is the shine. Once properly shined and polished the light reflects beautifully.

Use a small amount of latex shine and work it into the latex with a clean soft sponge or polishing cloth. Personally, I find the best polish to be BeGloss, (I recommend the one with the spray top) although each designer tends to do its own polish if you are unsure.

How To Clean & Dry Latex

To keep your latex clean I recommend submerging it in warm water with ViviClean to remove any shine and sweat after each use. Once clean, rinse repeatedly to remove any traces of bubbles and soap residue. Never scrub your latex or it will loose its shine!

Leave flat or on a wooden hanger, to fully air dry, or towel dry in a patting motion if in a hurry, but be careful not to scratch or dull the material. Hang it up if possible separated by dress covers ideally. If folding it away, use chemical-free paper to separate the layers.

How To Store Latex

Store away from heat and sunlight, perfumes and oils, it’s always best to keep latex away from other fabrics, even the chemicals in PVC may damage light colours.

Never allow metal detailing (buckles, zips, studs) to touch the other areas of latex, it can leave marks.

Top Tips

Catsuit and full-body outfits with a zip at the back can be difficult to get into and out of alone, if it’s discreet enough on the outfit I would recommend you get some of these zip extenders. Luckily they come in a huge range of colours! 

If, like me you have long nails or jewellery take extra care, and remove all that you can. Another option is to wear gloves.

Fake tan, perfumes, make-up and moisturisers on latex is not a good combo either, especially the lighter colours.

Fetish Wear & Culture

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The History of Latex

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