Is Submission A Weakness?

It starts with you: It commonly takes a submissive years, decades even, to escape the fear that holds them back from pursuing their BDSM fantasies. It’s an internal struggle that many of us feel while figuring out our kinks. It can be debilitating – the desire to take action is there, but the fear from external pressures often holds a submissive back.

"Kinks are meant to be shared."

Bristol sensual dominatrix

Which is really sad! I understand how life is full of socially constructed walls, dead ends, and black holes which we ultimately impose on ourselves. Not wanting to risk a marriage, totally understandable. Work takes up so much of your time, I get it. But these are all just excuses, and the end result is the same – you are no less kinky by denying yourself the outlet. Delaying the inevitable only traps it in your head, and that is the wrong kind of torture. Kinks are meant to be shared.


It takes so much strength of character to step over the line, past the point of no return into my dominion. It takes a combination of mental and physical strength to endure me, but that’s what you wanted, that’s what has been clawing at you from the inside all this time. The need to suffer at the hands of a beautiful Dominatrix has been swirling for so long, and you have battled yourself to take the first step. I appreciate all of this. I see and hear about it often. It can be overwhelming to give a voice to all those thoughts and fantasy scenarios that have kept you awake night after night.

Just to talk to me about it is a huge thing, and that first day in the dungeon is monumental. It marks the beginning of the real you, and the end of suffering alone.


"It can be overwhelming to give a voice to all those thoughts and fantasy scenarios that have kept you awake night after night."

However unimpressed by you I seem, please know that I respect and admire everyone who arrives at my door for their first ever session. I know you will have debated turning round on your journey here, I know you thought about not knocking on the door and just running away. But you made it.

It ends with me: There are parts of the Domme community that are forever using the word “Loser” and other negative terms to talk to or about subs. While this can be a relevant term in a consented humiliation session, along with other degrading insults, addressing someone that is submissive as “weak” or “pathetic” right off the bat is ignorant. It reeks of inexperience and laziness. This is not someone that understands the depths of submission – this should be an alarm bell.

So keep looking, keep researching, browsing until you find the one that strikes a chord. One that resonates with your wants, needs, and desires. There are so many of us out there at the moment, but unfortunately, not all are what they appear to be. While I don’t doubt there is a market for “loser abuse”, that kind of superficiality is not for me. I am authentically living my truth. I am a dominant, playful, sexual bombshell, and I only want people to submit to me if they have realised the difference between that and this.

sensual bristol dominatrix

“[Submission] is a celebration of the strongest but most subverted parts of you and the most glorious parts of me.”

You are not a loser, and you are not weak. You have power and choice, so choose wisely. Don’t just go along with the first Domme that replies to you. Thank her for the reply, but shop around. This is something you have waited a long time for, this hobby will cost you a great deal of money in the years ahead. Invest time at the start, looking for the one that is going to work well with you. This will pay off, and you will be so glad you did.

With the right Domme you can embrace your submissive side, from a position of weakness you will be amazed at how much strength and confidence you can gain in the service of the right woman. You can feel transformed by these sessions, as you push boundaries and the D/s takes you in directions you hadn’t expected.

Maybe you don’t know how strong you are yet? The pain you will push through to please her, will surprise you. The mental suffering you will allow her to inflict will blow you away. She will be so proud of you and you will know she deserves so much more.

If you want to be humbled and humiliated at a later stage, knowing it comes from a good place, a place of caring makes it even sweeter. And when that moment is over and you go back to your life, you will not feel damaged or broken you will feel enlivened and emboldened. BDSM still has far too many aspects that are misunderstood, it is important to me that you hear this message – Submission is not about weakness. It is a celebration of the strongest but most subverted parts of you and the most glorious parts of me.

Welcome to the party!

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