Is Submission A Weakness?

BDSM still has far too many aspects that are misunderstood

There are parts of the Dominatrix community that conflate ‘loser’ with ‘submissive’. Addressing someone that is submissive as ‘weak’ or a ‘pathetic loser’ outside of a consented humiliation session is ignorant. 

"Kink is a celebration of the strongest but most subverted parts of you and the most glorious parts of Me."

It takes so much strength of character to step over the line, past the point of no return into my dominion. I encourage you to embrace your submissive side. You will be amazed at how much strength and confidence you can gain in the service of the right Dominatrix. You can feel transformed by these sessions, as you push boundaries and the journey takes you in directions you hadn’t expected.

"The mental suffering you will allow Me to inflict will blow you away. I will be so proud of you and you will know I deserve so much more."

Maybe you don’t know how strong you are yet? The pain you will push through to please Me will surprise you. 

If you want to be humbled and humiliated at a later stage, knowing it comes from a good place, a place of caring, makes it even sweeter. And when that moment is over and you go back to your life, you will not feel damaged or broken. You will feel enlivened and emboldened. BDSM still has far too many aspects that are misunderstood, it is important to me that you hear this message – Submission is not about weakness. 

Welcome to the party!

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