Mommy Domme - Exploring the Oedipus Complex

Daddy issues, (unresolved Electra complex as named by Freud) is a very common theme in the adult entertainment world. ‘Mommy issues’  and an. interest in Mommy Dommes are no less relevant or prevalent in the world of Femdom yet isn’t quite experiencing the same mainstream surge of interest as DDLG porn. While much of Freud’s work has become outdated (if not obsolete) his unconscious mind theories have a lingering resonance. 

I see the unresolved Oedipus complex in my job almost every day. Dominatrices achieve a revered female “power” status. When you then think back, it was your mother’s job to keep you safe and teach you right from wrong, to be there for you, her traditional role as a woman was to bring you up, to guide and show you the ways of life. 

“In most scenarios, the Oedipal undertones are there by default”

I’m no psychologist but there’s definitely parallels in my professional interactions. I am certainly a matriarchal figure; my rules are important and there are consequences if they are not followed. Much like a mother, I try to keep you safe and control your negative behaviours. Offering reassurance and stern levels of care, I am often a guide and looked to for answers – all while looking beautifully poised and put together.

In most scenarios, the Oedipal undertones are there by default, they flash back. You are almost certainly nervous and unsure of yourself in my presence, that might well be something you haven’t felt since childhood. As a grown-up you have managed to gain confidence in the world, survive difficulties but that all disappears the moment you arrive at my dungeon. There is a fear that exists next to reverence. I am adored, and your previously deeply hidden desire to please me and be told you have been a “good boy” is bubbling to the surface.

There are some requests that are far more blatant. Over the knee (OTK) spankings, being verbally berated and depending upon your generation, caned or slapped – all very strong reminders of adults asserting their dominance over your impressionable childhood. Often in these session roleplay scenes, I dress conservatively, austerely to convey power and righteousness. I will offer you scraps of affection and praise, driving you to chase more of it. These kinds of sessions are a safe space for regression and exploration of this theme. One day a humiliating taboo, the next Mummy and her boy. Her good boy, her bad boy…her dirty boy. Were you one of those boys that touched his mothers underwear drawer? Did you wear her things? It is perfectly okay to play this out with me and process that part of your life through kink.

If you have sexual thoughts about me after a scene like that, it is almost inappropriate given the context of our interaction. But it’s actually okay. There is Freudian shame overshadowing the sexual desires, but I’m not your mother and rarely is it even ever about physical sexual attraction to your mother. It’s usually a manifestation of another “need” from your childhood or linked to another maternal figure in your life. Strong women are potent and hard to forget: it can manifest as a headmistress fetish and be linked to forbidden matriarchs from your formative years. Strong women signify safety and stable relationships: who wouldn’t want to fall into that feeling?!

“Strong women are potent and hard to forget”

“Freud attributed the Oedipus complex to children of about the ages three to five. He said the stage usually ended when the child identified with the parent of the same sex and repressed its sexual instincts. If previous relationships with the parents were relatively loving and nontraumatic, and if parental attitudes were neither excessively prohibitive nor excessively stimulating, the stage is passed through harmoniously. In the presence of trauma, however, there occurs an “infantile neurosis” that is an important forerunner of similar reactions during the child’s adult life. The superego, the moral factor that dominates the conscious adult mind, also has its origin in the process of overcoming the Oedipus complex.”

If you didn’t overcome these tendencies and still want to experience pleasure and pain at the hands of an evil step-mother, I am here for you!

“Mommy always likes to check up on her favourite good boy”

Ultimately, I am not into kink-shaming, I offer a safe space for taboos to be explored. “Mommy” themed sessions are such great fun and have so much scope for roleplaying and regression. I can exaggerate that role and really play with it. It also works well with online contact to back it up before and after the session. Mommy always likes to check up on her favourite good boy.

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