Make It A December to Remember

When you were a kid, Christmas meant new toys! Such joy and expectation on Christmas Eve waiting for the big man to creep into your bedroom (how did this not get classified as stranger danger!!?) Life was full of surprises and that made everything exciting. But, as we know all too well, that festive excitement fades as we get older, toys get boring and you’ve never got the right batteries at home when you need them!

Get some buzz back in your toy box, stuff your stocking and try out some Christmas kinks with me. In the lead up to Christmas I will be exploring a new kink, fetish or toy everyday on my AVN page. I’ll be talking orifices and phalluses between mince pies everyday in December.

There are so many new, innovative toys out there, some are extremely random and some are not-new-at-all-must-haves! If you are a kinky person you will already be a sexual explorer, into trying new things, so this stimulating guide should introduce you to some new kit and lead to some new scenarios in the bedroom….or kitchen or garden – wherever you want.

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“I have discovered so many things that turn me on, by trying random things or going in a direction I hadn’t previously considered”

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I just want everyone to get playing. Sex is a game and it’s a party that has so many bells and whistles, just depends whether you like you to suck or blow… the whistle. I have discovered so many things that turn me on, by trying random things or going in a direction I hadn’t previously considered.

If hearing me explain the safety aspect of something gives you the confidence to give it a go, then that will be the best present you get this December. Or you may get present buying inspo from it, just very carefully consider who you give the anal hook to, not everyone is as broad minded as you and I. Sadly.

If you head over to my AVN page the Christmas countdown will educate and titillate.

I’ll have you trembling, dripping and grateful just be careful where you stick your candy canes kids!

This is an amazing chance to broaden your horizons, get educated and also take part in some kinky tasks. It’s a 25 day extravaganza of naughtiness. 



Many of us with kinks spend the early part of our lives feeling bad or wrong or broken. But we are none of those things. I suspect that most people, the majority of the population, are turned on by things other than genitals. It is subtleties we find erotic, extras that turn us on mentally. And I think that is all that separates us from vanilla’s – a better imagination and the courage to pursue it. Being kinky means you are enlightened, you realise that our brains are our most powerful sexual organ. If it was just about penetration, it would be a very dull life, kink is the bonus round of the bedroom. So why does it make us feel ostracised and abnormal? Why do we spend so many years feeling alone and weird? Because we have so much else going on that kink becomes the escape? It gets ignored and side-lined until you can’t ignore it any longer…?

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how to play safe in BDSM

How to Play Safe in BDSM

Whether you are planning to engage in BDSM games with a professional or a lifestyle partner, safety should come up in conversation before the first strike lands, or lock clicks. Personal responsibility and communication is vitally important in a fulfilling D/s.

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Twisted Fire Starter

Twisted Fire Starter

As a race we have been fascinated by fire since we first discovered it… it’s dangerous, it’s mesmerising. Who hasn’t found themselves lost in the glow of a fire? Or drawn in to stoking it, adding logs to a campfire and watching them as they crumble to ash.

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Duality of Aftercare

Duality of Aftercare

I really hope the word “aftercare” isn’t unfamiliar to you.

I truly hope you all find a Dominant or play partner that cares about you after a scene.

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All you Need to Know about Anal Play

Booty Call? All you Need to Know about Anal Play

It’s basic kinky etiquette to consider your partner in the chosen activity and scene. Never is this more important than with anal play. I can tell if someone has tried (or not) or if someone has rushed it. The last thing either of us wants is for a session to end before it’s even begun.

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