Why Try Chastity?

It's about relinquishing control, knowing that the power is in My hands instead of your own.

To put it simply; it’s a power exchange. Imagine handing over control of something that’s so intrinsic to your identity, routine, and freedom. For a submissive it’s probably the hottest thing you can do. 

Picture your daily life with no expectation or opportunity for a climax. Your sexual expression is now entirely at My mercy. You will slowly begin to experience a different type of relief, as well as become more attuned to your play partner’s desires. 

You're such a wanker!

Are you ready to conquer the never-ending quest for sexual gratification with a lock and key?

Whilst teasing is an intrinsic part of chastity with Me as your key holder, the goal isn’t simply sexual frustration. The goal is the acceptance of My presence in your life. The cage is symbolic of your choice while the key is symbolic of My control.

There will be days that seem endless, with hopeless frustrations and you may even feel emotional. You’re challenging everything you’ve ever known and while it’s going to be hard at the start, it does get better. Liberation from sexual frustration will happen, and just when it does I’ll unlock you and we will begin again.


Training Rules: Communication must take place multiple times a day through LoyalFans or OnlyFans and requires audio & visual messaging. Optional breaks are subject to behaviour. If wearing one, you will remove the device twice a week for hygiene and maintenance - after which you will replace with a new numerical lock.

Chastity Tips

What not to do when you're caged and how to stay safe while locked.

Urban Legends

Extended chastity has many side effects, some more gross than others.

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