Heaven on Earth, Top of Her class, Surreal experience – just some of the praise for the Countess…

Surreal experience!

I have been in this scene since Late 2018. I have had the chance to interact with many Dommes, but Countess Diamond takes the cake. I have spoke to her on and off for a good year and no matter what happens, she’s always in my head. She is so grateful to be where she is, and she deserves every moment of it. She cares for you, she understands you, she knows how to get in your head. She can be gentle and caring, but mean if she wants to. She is the top of her class in the scene. Countess is a phenomenal Domme, but a phenomenal person. She has helped me through tough times and has always been open with communication. I can’t wait for the future when I can finally see her in the flesh, as I know it will be a surreal experience. You won’t find anyone better than Countess Diamond.

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Heaven on Earth

The word intuitive is often bandied about by pro-Dominas, who likely have no real idea what that word truly means. The Countess is an exception. She will creep into your mind, like a false widow spider, lay eggs in it, and, if you are lucky, move on to devour your very soul. Sound far fetched? Maybe, but She doesn’t half bring the poetry out of Her victims. Book with Her, you will know true bliss. True, as in the truth, and bliss, as in actual Heaven on Earth.

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Highly addictive!

Approaching a Domme for the first time can be nerve wracking, but Countess Diamond put me at ease straight away. Once I explained my fantasies a session was booked, with nerves and excitement I stepped into Countess’ playroom and from that point I had found what I was looking for. Rules were explained and the submission started, the pain vs pleasure endured was just right and my limits were pushed to new heights and the feeling was amazing. I wanted to push them for My Countess; her soft but stern voice, presence in the room and delivery of the punishments was mesmerising  and hypnotising. A health warning should be advised as Countess is highly addictive!

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Be careful what you wish for

Despite having an interest in the scene for many years, I consider myself a recurring novice rather than a seasoned player. With that, obviously comes a certain trepidation in making a new approach which can end in disappointment when a spark isn’t there, a connection not made, or worse. Since my recent first contact with Countess Diamond I have been completely hooked. Her natural beauty and powerful elegance naturally caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. I was immediately put at ease by Her disarming charm and willingness to see the funny side of things. The shift from small talk to play was almost imperceptible. Her OnlyFans content is amazing and, if you’re after more on that platform, respectful and generous approaches from useful subjects seem to be rewarded … as with most things in life, you get out what you put in. Due to distance we have only managed Skype sessions so far, but She has created such inventive and intense moments that I feel like we have been in the same room; like I am right there with Her. Her style is playful but firm. Countess Diamond is definitely the one in control, subtly encouraging my corruption. I’m enjoying exploring things both old and new and really hope that circumstances enable an invitation to book a real time session very soon. I need to experience The Countess in person although can’t help sensing, I should maybe be careful what I wish for.


Are you worthy?

I have had the pleasure of serving Countess Diamond for nearly 2 years now. In that time, I have seen her blossom into what we see today. A Goddess but more importantly not your stereotypical dominatrix she is oh so much more.  Apart from the obvious things you can see; her beauty, her smile her raven dark hair and stunning lips, normal red. Her style of domination which is also unique; it is more seductive, don’`t get me wrong she can be as cruel as you want but she does it in a certain way; cruelty with kindness if you like.

I still remember my first real time session with the Countess; to say I was nervous was an understatement. The Countess sensed it straight away and put me at ease and we had a great session exploring the world of domination. She can read a person and make them feel safe in her hands in minutes. Also her legs are divine and look sooo good in stockings.

What also makes her stand out though is her dedication to her slaves. The Countess really does care about us; don`t get me wrong you have to fit into her world and be a benefit to her as well but if you follow that simple rule you get her as well.You get the best mistress ever, yes, she is a Goddess yes, she has control and is dominant, but she also has the most beautiful smile, is the kindest person and has the biggest heart of gold you could want.

If you dedicate to her and treat her well and give her respect you will get something very special in return. But I will let you see if you are worthy of serving Countess Diamond. 

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