From The Mouths Of Slaves


Slave Nylon
Slave Nylon
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I have had the pleasure of serving Countess Diamond for nearly 5 years now.

A Goddess, but more importantly not your stereotypical Dominatrix she is oh so much more. Her style of domination which is also unique; it is more seductive, Don't get me wrong she can be as cruel as you want but she does it in a certain way; cruelty with kindness if you like.

If you dedicate to her and treat her well and give her respect you will get something very special in return.
KennyThe Countess is an exception.
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The word intuitive is often bandied about by pro-Dominas, who likely have no real idea what that word truly means. The Countess is an exception.

She will creep into your mind, like a false widow spider, lay eggs in it, and, if you are lucky, move on to devour your very soul. Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but She doesn't half bring the poetry out of Her victims. Book with Her, you will know true bliss. True, as in the truth, and bliss, as in actual Heaven on Earth.
PigletShe is kind, funny, caring, and completely in control. 
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She has been a constant positive, and has helped me through the toughest time of my life. I have had the extreme honour of serving Her.

She continues to push my limits, both mentally and physically, knowing exactly when to stop and when to push me further. She is a true professional, and a master of Her craft, managing to dance the line between cruel and kind effortlessly.

You will never feel so alive, so free, so completely fulfilled, and seeing a smile on Her beautiful face will make you feel so utterly utterly happy.


Do you want to know Me well enough to count yourself amongst My owned submissive?

Make Me notice you.