A Session Review

Sessioning with a Dominatrix is a one of a kind experience, read this lucky submissives journey here.


If you are considering introducing poppers to your kinky play, take a moment to read this before diving in.

Anticipation V’s Reality

You start off knowing theres something you want. The perfect scene with the the perfect partner, all the details are there.

BDSM Equipment – Floggers

Make no mistake, these inauspicious tools make up for their small stature with a deliciously rapturous sting.

Sub & Domme Drop

Its that unwritten Duty of Care we have to keep in mind, that’s what you are really paying for. That while you think we are lost in that moment with you, we aren’t.

BDSM Online

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more opportunities for us to connect in more meaningful ways.