What is Subspace?

This neurochemical high can vary in intensity and duration. All BDSM players need to be aware of how to move forward, without a chemical crash.

Fetish Wear​ Appropriation

Sex workers are unable to live and work freely yet our work uniform is paraded on the Met Gala carpet as a gimmick.


Many of us with kinks spend the early part of our lives feeling bad or wrong or broken. But we are none of those things. I suspect that most people, the majority of the population, are turned on by things other than genitals. It is subtleties we find erotic, extras that turn us on mentally.

Anal Play

Learn about anal etiquette and how to expand your horizons.

My Top 5 kinks

His physical suffering at my hand is my ultimate turn on. My aim is good, but I’d rather administer pain with my body somehow, than with an object.

Foot Fetish

As far as fetishes go, a sexual interest in feet is becoming more mainstream, and from what I hear it often leads you down the tunnel to further kinks.

What is Findom?

Findom is a fetish practice where one person derives pleasure from giving gifts or money to another person.