Gross Chastity Side Effects

chastity keyholder

Chastity isn’t always fun and easy! Here are some of the grossest and weirdest side effects you could experience while locked in chastity.

Chastity Keyholding

chastity mistress bristol

Chastity is next level submission, but the pleasure of denial is well with the effort. Countess diamond is an experienced and knowledgeable chastity keyholder.

Ownership and Rules

chastity mistress bristol

If you find yourself distracted by desires or overcome by thoughts that spin through your mind, ownership by a mistress is perfect for you.
Being owned by The Countess isn’t an easy job, but is a very rewarding one.


bristol mistress in latex

There’s submission to your Domme, then there is total surrender to your Domme.

Chastity Rules

Bristol dominatrix mistress with slaves

There’s nowhere to hide once your in the dungeon. All your desires are laid bare.