Taboos & Humiliation

It’s always been interesting to me, to take a man’s lust and make him work for it. To torture his libido with denial and see all the hoops he would jump through to get any interest from me.

Fast forward to integrating that basic sensual dance we do, into a dungeon setting and we can extrapolate your base desires and stretch you to do all kinds of humiliating and painful things to satisfy an ever growing need for naughty sensations. 

Taboos are any sexual preferences or activities that have been demonised and shunned through mainstream media, society, and sexual norms. So it’s unsurprising so many still remain “off limits” in many relationships, which only makes them more appealing to those that are bored shitless of bedroom basics.

The really interesting thing about taboos though is that they don’t actually even have to involve sex, or sex acts. Even just being a voyeur is taboo, and just engaging in a taboo brings a flush of shame and embarrassment to your cheeks, it’s exciting and gives you a hard-on for all the wrong reasons. I feel like a magician when a guy gets hard because I pull on my super high heeled gleaming boots. I never even touched him, but it is rising!  That aesthetic difference was all it took.

Humiliation, I must point out, means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. To me, it’s always playful and starts almost as soon as you enter my chambers, I want to enflame and embarrass the male ego, by having you kneel and kiss my feet. Feet are the on the ground, they are dirty almost by definition so perhaps this is why a foot fetish is so taboo.

Wanting to kiss, lick suck my feet and toes is filthy but oh so satisfying for that inner kinky bitch that needs wrong to feel good.

Then there are more obvious levels like small penis humiliation (SPH) where I mock, pity, and shame that tiny skin flap that can’t possibly satisfy a woman. That feeling inside or being a piece of dirt is freeing in the extreme, it’s like taking control of your insecurity because you are asking for it. And that is how I use humiliation, its almost definitely on the softer, more playful end of humiliation, I would never find pleasure in creating deeply triggering and negative emotions, or using your race or religion in a derogatory way. But I will use humilliation as a way to free you and to make you feel dirty inside as well as outside. I love to laugh when I’m with a sub, your job is to amuse, entertain and excite me with your pain and suffering. I want to see how far you will go to make me smile.


Sissy training is another Taboo that involves a level of humiliation. It’s not always because a man desperately wants to be a woman. He doesn’t always. He just wants to escape from being a man for a while. Again, it is a freedom, a way to be naughty. While I don’t shout abuse while he’s doing it, I do gently mock his inability to walk in heels and how very slutty he looks in a short skirt. 

All the time, knowing he is living his best life! You can read some reviews about these best life experiences here.

Chastity being added to a tease and denial session is a great way to add humiliation without saying a word. You could be tied to a chair, while I prowl in latex underwear, watching you drool through your gag, in desperation to be allowed to touch me. But you can’t, so I lean in close, look down at your confined cock and giggle as the key swings at my cleavage. You are undone by a superior female, and all you can do is accept your loss of power and try not spontaneously combust in your cage.

All the above examples, go to show that a kink isn’t always about liking one thing, one-dimensionally. It is often the case, that it is the accompanying shame that adds that much needed kick of kink in a cocktail of ego mockery.

So you crave feeling the flush of humiliation, shame and embarrassment for your dirty. thoughts? Contact me through OnlyFans or Twitter.

If you’re not ready t o take the. leap but want to see what the fuss is all about, head to Clips4Sale to view some naughty and humiliating clips. If you wish to discuss a specific humiliation clip please read through my customs page before making contact.

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