Skype with Countess Diamond

Contacting The Countess

Out of respect for Her dedicated clients, the ONLY assured way of contacting Countess Diamond directly is through a paid platform messaging system such as  AVN or OnlyFans OR by booking a dedicated Skype call using the form below.

The Countess will never respond to an email, Twitter message or carrier pigeon. She strictly does not meet anyone in a one-to-one capacity without lots of prior communication. One-to-one meetings have always been a privilege and never a right. Even more so recently, considering the risk of Covid and the up-close nature of dungeon play.

Arrange Skype call

Countess Diamond offers online domination and casual chats via Skype or Zoom. Please provide the date and time of the booking in your reference/ payment notes. Eg: Andrew, 6th at 10pm.

bristol mistress

From Her contrary personality, infectious laugh and Her love of plants! You can find out more about Bristol’s sensual Mistress: The Countess Diamond. Her domination style and personal interests as well a how she came to be a Professional Dominatrix.

To learn more about the multiple facets and sub genres within the BDSM scene, journey through Her thoughts on ethics, behaviours and fetishes. You might be surprised what you discover.