QIUI KeyPod review

Bluetooth Chastity Lock

Chastity enthusiast Carumbad reviewed the KeyPod digital key safe made by QIUI.

A quick note from Diamond “While I’m not a massive fan of the CellMate, I’m really keen for chastity to catch up with the tech movements happening elsewhere.
Wearable BDSM tech, and the customers to buy it, are out there! We’ve just some way to go in delivering the comfortable, glitch-free units that chastity enthusiasts desire. I hope that despite its gimmick feel, the QIUI KeyPod is a step in the right direction”.

Carumbad's first thoughts

Essentially this device is a remotely operated, Bluetooth-controlled chastity key safe. Having experienced a lot of the cellmate failings it’s interesting to see Qiui venturing into digital key locks. If they have such market dominance with a product they continue to promote as the cage to end all cages, then why would users need a key! 

Construction and components

Construction is very basic, plasticky and it feels like it’d break if you sat on it. This isn’t a “key safe”, but it should be easy to see if it’s been opened by force.

A standard “Burg Wachter” style key can be fitted inside, it’s a tight fit and it won’t rattle, *if* it’s the right style of key!

There are lots of these styles of keys used on chastity devices, so be careful, the others will fit inside but will rattle and be annoying! Left two in the lineup picture will fit properly.


The software is “OK”, same as for other QIUI devices, it allows some options for remote play and some capabilities for risk voting in the style of ChastiKey or EmlaLock.

In summary, it’s a fun little gadget, which isn’t a security device but offers another option for remote play, or for carrying a spare key. It’s not a safe and isn’t meant to be. Perhaps no more use than plastic security tags but each to their own!

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