The 6 Pillars of Service

Catch My attention

Gaining and retaining My attention, respect, and adoration will never be easy, however, it is not impossible. I expect all who serve me to follow my six rules.


Be open to your submissive desires, truthful about your feelings and honest about your abilities.

Don’t let complacency, jealousy or negativity grow. Accept the things you have control over, disregard the rest.


It is your job to look and feel good. Exercise is vital in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I require you to commit your entire sexual pleasure to Me. Marital commitments are respected.


Listen actively and be mindful of nonverbal cues. Be honest with yourself.

Respect My boundaries and communicate yours. Before messaging Me, consider if your message is helpful. A full inbox stresses Me out.


In serving Me, My submissives must work towards finding balance, at home, in work and in submission.

You are expected to reflect upon yourself, learn new skills, seek new experiences, and overcome obstacles.


Maintain your commitment to Me by interacting with My social media every day but not messaging Me everyday.

Your online image is a reflection upon Me. I will not tolerate negativity or injustice to others.

In Person

Always address Me as Countess.

Always remain presentable and smelling good.
Be considerate in social situations remembering introductions and manners. Unless instructed, never be seated while a woman stands.

My Owned Submissives

Submissives Under Consideration


My Rules

Serving Me is not easy, but it is very worth it.

Let's Talk

Send me a hello and sink into submission.

In Session

Find out what happens in session with Me.


Want to count yourself amongst My owned submissive? I'm sure many do. I suggest you introduce yourself to Me.

Make Me notice you.

Fetish Connection

How screens are changing the accessibility of kink.

My Top 5 Kinks

Take a look at what turns me on and see if our interests match.

During & After

Have you ever wondered what happens when we session?