Rules to serve by

Pleasing the Countess isn't an easy job, but it is a very rewarding one.

Owned boys MUST serve a purpose and follow the rules or risk being swiftly dismissed. Rules are not set to be ignored and tasks are not given to be done poorly. Gaining and retaining the attention, respect, adoration of your intended Mistress will never be easy, however, it is not impossible.

Lifestyle expectations and commitments of an owned submissive:

MIND: Dedicate yourself to working towards finding happiness at home, work and in submission. Your success here will be celebrated.

BODY: Eat one portion of leafy green vegetables per day and drink lots of water. It is your job to look and feel good for Her. Exercise is vital in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The Countess requires you to commit your entire sexual pleasure to Her. Marital commitments are respected. 

SOUL: Be open to your submissive desires, truthful about your feelings and honest about your abilities. Don’t let complacency, jealousy or negativity grow; instead address the cause. Accept the things you have control over, disregard the rest.

IN PERSON REPRESENTATION: Always address Her as Countess. Always remain presentable and smelling good. Be considerate of others in social and work situations remembering eye contact, introductions and manners. Respect differing opinions and always ask others what they think. Unless instructed, never be seated while a woman stands.

DIGITAL REPRESENTATION: Retweet and comment on all twitter posts as and when applicable. Always maintain a high level of social engagement. Your online image is a reflection upon the Countess and She will not tolerate lazyness, bitchyness or injustice to others.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION:  Avoid idle digital chit-chat such as “How is your day” and “how did you sleep”. The Countess has a busy life and cannot message you every morning, noon and night. If you wish to have a personal 1-1 catch up, you must book a 1-1 Skype, session, dinner or shopping date. On a pre-scheduled Skype call, always present yourself on your knees.

key holding mistress

MOBILE COMMUNICATION: If you are lucky enough to be provided the Countess’ private number, DO NOT Call / Message / WhatsApp unless its considered vitally important. Exceptions to this rule are by express permission and while you are personally serving the Countess or meeting Her somewhere.

GENERAL: Always under promise and over deliver. Always keep open and honest communication. All tasks must be completed by the agreed date. Pensive meditations, theory or research tasks must be completed in silence. 

PUNISHMENTS: Will be gratefully received.

MISCELLANEOUS: Never get complacent or take her time for granted. Never ask a question that can be answered by simply googling.




Under consideration: ROBBIE



General guidance and further reading for those seeking ANY interaction from the Countess.

Her time is precious and she is not simply available. Any free time she has is spent upon Herself, Her family and Her owned boys. Anyone wishing to approach the Countess must do so via a subscription to Loyal Fans. This is Her main platform for communicating with Her boys who gladly pay the subscription fee as a marker of their respect and their position as Her servants. If this is something you feel you cannot do, consider reading Her blog Investing or, quite simply, move on elsewhere if you do not value Her time. 

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