The Office Role Play

“As roleplay goes, exploring the dynamic of a typical office is great for someone that wants to experience a definite power shift.

Is this breeding ground of flirtation and adultery dead now that office life as we know it is too? How many people do you know who met their partner at work, in an office? It’s a well-known hotbed of illicit affairs, with a hierarchy pre-installed at each and every one. So, the power dynamic is all set up and ready to go.

Sadly, the Coronavirus has forced many of us to work from home, and for many, their office will never re-open. All that barely disguised sexual tension, all those “meetings” where you would drift off into a raunchy fantasy about the boss and this desk, it’s all stopped. Heartbreaking; in some cases – quite literally. If you are separated from the object of your affection. It doesn’t present the same secretive opportunities on a crowded Zoom call.


All that barely disguised sexual tension, all those meetings.

The fuel of fantasies

For decades these confined workspaces have been the setting for many rom-com’s and TV affairs. Watching the build-up with searing on-screen chemistry, that inevitably boils over one day and someone goes home with torn underwear.

The movie “Secretary” took it to a whole other level and put a definite kinky twist on the office fling. It was hard to forget her crawling along the floor to her boss, or her tight skirt getting tighter every time she bent over. It is an iconic image, but in my line of work, more men want to be the saucy secretary, than the bossy boss. But I digress.

As roleplay goes, this type of session is great for someone that wants to experience a definite power shift. We have watched this scenario play out, over and over, with different faces and places, for our entire adult lives on-screen. So, anyone requesting something like this usually already has an idea of a scene outlined for me. Consequently, the mind of my submissive is already tingling with anticipation. He might have had an office affair before or had a female boss that used to bully him, and it turned him on more than he could admit to even his closest of colleagues. In the days before the session, he will be an excitable mess, with the anticipation growing just as it would if it were real.

office role-play

“Every boss should be demanding and decisive – and arguing with the boss is rarely advisable.

office role play

Roleplay in BDSM

On the rare occasion they don’t already know what specific scenario they want – I get to choose. This fantasy comes pre-loaded with so many cliched options, that the only difficulty is deciding what I am in the mood for, shall I be:

  • The flirty female boss, in seamed stockings and low-cut blouses, that relishes teasing her workers into making mistakes that she can then punish. Or…
  • The evil, cold, hard bitch boss. That never even looks at you on the office floor, but summons you to her office regularly for a proper “dressing down”. Or…
  • The one that is less verbal aggressor and more physical punisher, that believes in corporal punishment and medieval torture… all because you borrowed her stapler without permission, silly boy!

Which brings me on to attire. Because if you are a male Dom and your fantasies about office affairs revolve around your wearing the trousers, what she wears will be the focal point. Short skirts, hair up, lipstick on, heels high. Cleavage spilling out, glasses on to seductively peer over, while licking envelopes containing dirty messages that are brazenly left on his desk.

“Short skirts, hair up, lipstick on, heels high. “

Interestingly, a man that wants a Domme to take on the role of Boss lady, often asks for the same type of outfits. So, either way, the role of the woman is to tease a man into doing what she wants? I’m a little more proactive than that. I’m a lot less subtle than a submissive workplace woman.

I might start the scene in a fully buttoned-up blouse, looking very prim and proper. As time passes, I may find myself getting far too hot in the suit and begin removing layers, shoes or undoing buttons? I will more than likely demand you strip naked on a “conference call” or tie you to a cross and punish you for only giving a pay rise to the male employees.

Once the games begin, the possibilities are endless. Every boss should be demanding and decisive – and arguing with the boss is rarely advisable. But I dare you to try it?


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