You're only 21 once, right!

It would be a shame not to celebrate My birthday in style, especially as the world continues to be one step away from the credits rolling on its own disaster movie. Lots of My boys have asked what I might like for My birthday and while a gift is not expected, I know you each are keen to spoil Me. I thought it best to come up with some very lovely things that you might like to choose from. So as well as My Amazon Wishlist I have collected up a few things that you may like to look at, even just to gather a better sense of My style in time for the big day on the 23rd June.

Of course, I don’t expect you to go to the moon and back, or be excessively ostentatious in search of My affection. I’m not looking for piles of gifts and stacks of shoes. If you wish to gift just a special something between U/us in celebration of O/our D/s and My birthday thats just as beautifully sentimental, any gift will be greatly appreciated.

As I always say to you boys – your dedication and submission is a gift in itself!

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My favourite designer is Alexander McQueen. I adore the style and ethos of McQueen and these iconic and edgy details can be seen in the three pieces I’ve chosen: shawl, bracelet, and card wallet.

Of course your Countess’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without some dancing shoes so I’ve complied a list of My favourite styles for U/us to mutually drool over. Even if they stay forever as an image on a screen, we can dream right!

I’ve had My green eyes on these casadei shoes for some time and as My birthday comes at the perfect season for summer dresses and heels, it just makes sense right! Also, this spiked style from Louboutin are just so stunning. I’d love to dance the night away in them and perhaps at the end of the night, as we settle into the hotel room. Me in the bed and you on the floor like a dog, you can lovingly lick them clean for Me.

My wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a pair red heels! I’ve been longingly looking at this pair by Aquazzura. The colour, the fabric and the style, it’s just so Me! Also the tassel on the back makes a perfect teasing tool, if not a whip right! Aquazzura also have these incredible block heels!

Perfumes and makeups always make such great gifts, they celebrate femininity, and enhance My day, everyday! My favourite makeup brand is Mac. Their matte and powered kiss lipsticks are the best, reds are My colour of choice but I love to try new looks, and you know I love surprises!

For a fragrant gift that isn’t My favourite perfume, a beautiful bunch of peonies would be a delight! Bloom & Wild do all sorts of styles or, I’m sure a local Bristol florist could deliver.

All My boys know that latex is My second skin, but they also know how hard I am to please when it comes to style. This gorgeous body suit from Kaoris is so simple and stylish, it’s everything I adore in one design. While were talking latex, there’s this jacket by Cathouse clothing that is so indicative of My edgy but classic style I don’t think I’d want to take it off!

latex dominatrix bristol femdom

Now, would My birthday lust list be complete without something with a skull or green?! I didn’t think so either! Bordelle have this green design lingerie with a print that just makes me squeal with excitement but it’s expensive! So there’s other options that are just as delicious. Imagine this white set (Uh ohh this has  been bought!) against My olive skin! Or this leather corset! In keeping with the green theme is this beautiful letter writing set from Papier. I adore the art of the letter, and as I have just run out of my last set this would be a very well timed gift! This small skull necklace from the great frog is a beautiful gift idea for someone who wants to stay close to My heart.

In lieu of a physical gift I welcome you each to donate to a cause close to my heart. Please visit and donate generously to either the Welsh children’s hospice Ty Hafan or the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Thank you x

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latex dominatrix bristol femdom

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It would be a shame not to celebrate My birthday in style, especially as the world continues to be one step away from the credits rolling on its own disaster movie.

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