How might your Mistress define success? Is it the feeling of achieving that difficult rope knot without hesitation. X amount of money in the bank? Of course, success at work is important especially as work is such a vital part of our future plans and enables us to do the things we want.

How can you, as her submissive, help her achieve her dreams? How can she help you achieve yours? Is it even measurable? I believe in the smallest of ways, yes.

"The definition of success - is really quite simple: 'Success is the realisation of our dreams, goals, and ideas."

Having goals, is always a fundamental starting point. Wishing and hoping is not good enough, you have to work to get what you want. So start by asking yourself what you really want, what will make you happiest and give you a sense of accomplishment.
Every month I set myself three goals and these are my measure of success for that month. I am my own taskmaster, I push myself as well as my subs. I am focused and motivated by the people I surround myself with and am careful who I give my energy to, you should be too. 

This month I’m challenging YOU to take part in Locktober. Challenge yourself to push your boundaries and perceived limits and through this, be more productive. Put your dick away and focus on achieving some goals with chastity (and myself) as your guide. Your dick needs – and deserves – a tough but driven boss, and I have an unending supply of encouragement and “rewards” to get you through.

As you probably know I’m a pretty keen advocate for positive mental health in kink and this kind of commitment is a great way to get yourself out of a rut or into a routine. One of my boys has lost almost 3st and now does 10 minutes of yoga a day – hardly a life changing amount per day you say? Go on then- you try it!

I work hard, I expect my subs to do the same, match my effort and I’ll be impressed. Take this seriously and be prepared to go the extra mile for me from the outset, because there will be hard days to get through. Chastity isn’t easy, but you won’t be doing it alone.

Wondering how to join in?

Subscribe to my AVN to be part of the big lockup (no cage required, this can be all in the mind). For newbies they’ll be expected to last 7 days at a time. They’ll get an encouragement video every day as well as a FREE ‘cum day’ JOI or task based clip every 7 days through October and then after the last stretch of 10 days the final reward will be revealed. 

Experienced chastity kinksters will be expected to complete the whole 31 days.

chastity mistress bristol

"Wishing and hoping is not good enough, you have to work to get what you want."

Once you have begun to set goals, reset your routine, and made these improvements in your life you will see the benefit of what a month of chastity can do. I’m not looking for drastic life changes necessarily, it can be a small change initially that has a significant long term benefit.

Thank me later.

Chastity for Complete Beginners 

Chastity doesn’t mean your life must completely change forever, or that your freedoms end, if anything this may be the start of a journey that for once, doesn’t require endless frustrations and feelings of arousal – because there’s nothing you can do. After locktober, You may decide it’s not for you, or just playing sometimes when you feel like it is for you. However, I would adore having to lock you when you misbehave and become too male, too sexually needy.

To take a step closer to living a locked life with me by your side we can discuss your future through AVN Stars. Or for something at the very beginner stage, you can buy my chastity clips on Clips4Sale. If you wish to discuss a specific chastity clip please read through my customs page before making contact. 

What about wearing a cage?

Chastity is quite the leap, and certainly full lockdown is not something to run into. I like to ease keen beginners into chastity through a slow training program. Starting with mental abstinence  – to build trust and self control. This is entirely on you, with no investment other than your own dedication required. Increasingly these agreed spells of mental chastity become longer, but we will always begin at 24 hours. Then progress at a rate that suits us both.

If you do want to explore wearable chastity I recommend you visit KINKPLAY for toys and cages. (Discount code: countessdiamond2020) They have a huge selection (see here) and can help with sizing and how to use a cage which is always an important thing to get right. Most begin with the silicone ones, these are ideal for short term wear and getting used to the idea of confinement. These are also cheaper and help you find the right shape and size, for just enough pinch and squeeze. 

Then the metal ones, are where it starts to get serious and you can even stop up a level with a urethral cage . And now we have the remote devices like Cellmate, which allows her to control your twitchy cock via an app. You will feel utterly hopeless but incredibly grateful to have the chastity device, knowing a superior female controls all your unhelpful male compulsions. You can relax knowing all those problems your dick usually causes are no longer an issue.

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Many of us with kinks spend the early part of our lives feeling bad or wrong or broken. But we are none of those things. I suspect that most people, the majority of the population, are turned on by things other than genitals. It is subtleties we find erotic, extras that turn us on mentally. And I think that is all that separates us from vanilla’s – a better imagination and the courage to pursue it. Being kinky means you are enlightened, you realise that our brains are our most powerful sexual organ. If it was just about penetration, it would be a very dull life, kink is the bonus round of the bedroom. So why does it make us feel ostracised and abnormal? Why do we spend so many years feeling alone and weird? Because we have so much else going on that kink becomes the escape? It gets ignored and side-lined until you can’t ignore it any longer…?

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how to play safe in BDSM

How to Play Safe in BDSM

Whether you are planning to engage in BDSM games with a professional or a lifestyle partner, safety should come up in conversation before the first strike lands, or lock clicks. Personal responsibility and communication is vitally important in a fulfilling D/s.

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Twisted Fire Starter

Twisted Fire Starter

As a race we have been fascinated by fire since we first discovered it… it’s dangerous, it’s mesmerising. Who hasn’t found themselves lost in the glow of a fire? Or drawn in to stoking it, adding logs to a campfire and watching them as they crumble to ash.

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Duality of Aftercare

Duality of Aftercare

I really hope the word “aftercare” isn’t unfamiliar to you.

I truly hope you all find a Dominant or play partner that cares about you after a scene.

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All you Need to Know about Anal Play

Booty Call? All you Need to Know about Anal Play

It’s basic kinky etiquette to consider your partner in the chosen activity and scene. Never is this more important than with anal play. I can tell if someone has tried (or not) or if someone has rushed it. The last thing either of us wants is for a session to end before it’s even begun.

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