What is locktober?

Locktober is a term that has been used to refer to a chastity challenge or event that takes place during the month of October. Chastity is a practice in which an individual, often in the context of a BDSM or kink relationship, consensually relinquishes control of their sexual activities to a partner. This usually involves the use of a chastity device or “chastity cage” that physically restricts access to the genitals, preventing the wearer from engaging in sexual activity or achieving orgasm without the keyholder’s permission. During Locktober, participants may commit to wearing chastity device,  for the entire month of October, with the goal of self-discipline and self-control. It can be seen as a form of sexual or BDSM play, a test of endurance, or a way to explore power dynamics in a relationship. However, it’s important to emphasize that all activities related to chastity should be consensual and follow the principles of safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) or risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

So you've Locktober on your mind?

This October (or as i prefer to call it; Locktober) I’m challenging YOU to take part in the chastity month commonly known as Locktober. Challenge yourself to push your boundaries and perceived limits and through this, be more productive. Put your desires away and focus on achieving some goals with Locktober – the month of chastity, with Me as your guide.

Your desires need – and deserve – a tough but driven female boss who is experienced in chastity. Lucky for you I have an unending supply of encouragement, experience and “rewards” to get you through Locktober and beyond

Why join in the chastity month known as Locktober?

As you probably know I’m a keen advocate for positive mental health in kink. Chastity is the kind of commitment to get yourself out of a rut or into a routine. Since starting his journey, one of my boys has lost almost 4 stone! Hardly a life changing amount per day you say? Go on then- you try it! (You can read about Lions life changes here)

I work hard, I expect my subs to do the same so match My effort and I’ll be impressed. Are you prepared take this chastity journey seriously? To go the extra mile for Me from the outset? Because there will be hard days to get through Locktober. 

Once you have begun to set chastity goals, you reset your routine. Through these improvements in your life you will see the benefit of what a month of chastity can do. I’m not necessarily looking for drastic life changes. The initial changes can be a small but will lead to significant long term benefit.

Thank Me later.

Locktober for complete beginners

Chastity doesn’t mean your life must completely change. It doesn’t mean that your freedoms end. If anything this may be the start of a journey that for once, doesn’t require endless frustrations and feelings of arousal. Why? Because once locked there’s nothing you can do but go with the flow.

Keys are symbolic of Locktober and all that chastity stands for

Once Locktober is over

After Locktober, You may decide it’s not for you, or just be content with playing when you feel like it. However, I would adore having to lock you when you misbehave and become too male, too sexually needy. Off the back of very successful years of Locktober , I am delighted to be able to introduce a whole new immersive chastity training program!