My Love of Latex

A passion that has developed into an obsession.

I have been in love with the aesthetics of latex even before I knew what it was. It beautifully accentuates curves and makes the wearer look instantly more fierce. It is empowering and transformative which is also why I adore it.


For many, latex and rubber is a stand-alone fetish, as this is such a tactile and visual turn-on, just wearing it is pure escapism. You may hear this group referred to collectively as “Rubberists” and this may be the only fetish they have, that is enough for some, just to dress up. For some it isn’t sexual – it is just gratifying to have and hold. So never assume, a latex-living lady might not be a Domme, she may just enjoy the outfits.

The smell of rubber itself is extremely provocative. There is something about this material that works so well with the dungeon scene and the kink parties, it’s like a layer of us that we can apply or peel off, as we switch between the two worlds. But latex is sensitive, exasperating and difficult at times.

Latex Care Is Important.

It is worth heeding some advice before you even begin. You have to take care of it because primarily, it is so expensive and it won't remain pristine if it's not looked after correctly.
Be diligent when handling, wearing and storing each item in your collection.

Latex Designers I Recommend

Personally, my favourite latex designers are William Wilde for sleek classic silhouettes and shift dresses with details that raise classic to a new kinky level. Cathouse Clothing does more technically complex, kinky designs. They do amazing prints and hardware like rivets and studs, for an extra fierce kick. I would also always recommend you look through the likes of Etsy and eBay to find unique styles and indie creators.

TOP TIP: If you’re looking for a basic item and want nothing unusual to show up on your bank statements Honour Clothing sell via Amazon.

How I Use Latex In A Session

In a session, we can use latex to appeal to your sense of touch or your need for utter denial. We could put you in a latex body bag or rubber vac-bed if you want an extreme rubber experience. To be fully encased head to toe in tight, restrictive glossy rubber, is a fantasy all on its own.

For just a touch of latex, an introduction, we could always use a hood. The delicious rubbery smell and the act of stripping away your identity, so that you become my faceless rubbery drone for the day is all we need for that hit of escapism. It also works very well in breath play, even if you don’t want to wear it yourself. You can be tied down, and have my impermeable, encased ass cover your face as I sit on it. And you helplessly twitch beneath my weight, as the fight for air conflicts with the joy of being so close to me.

Latex Fashion Tv

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Tips for Latex Care

Just like Me, Latex is difficult and expensive.

Fetish Wear & Culture

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