Chastity Keyholding Services

Pleasure of denial is well with the effort with the Countess as your keyholder and guide.

Chastity is quite the leap, and certainly not something to run into. I like to ease keen beginners into chastity through a slow training program that is tailored to your experience and lifestyle. Starting with a Skype chat we will discuss your experience and limitations and begin with mental abstinence  – this builds trust and self control. This is entirely on you, with no investment other than your own dedication required. Increasingly these agreed spells of mental chastity become longer, but we will always begin at 24 hours and progress at a rate that suits us both.

Chastity doesn’t mean your life must completely change forever, or that your freedoms end, if anything this may be the start of a journey that for once, doesn’t require endless frustrations and feelings of arousal – because there’s nothing you can do. After a trial, You may decide it’s not for you, or just playing sometimes when you feel like it is for you. However, I would adore having to lock you when you misbehave and become too male, too sexually needy.

To take a step closer to living a locked life with me by your side we can discuss your future through Skype call. 

Every Domme is different and will require her chastity subs to fit her lifestyle and approach. My key holding tribute is £50 a week or £150 a month to encourage longer term chastity. If you are a regular real-time sessioning submissive I can physically hold your key. If you are serving online, I request that you wear a numerical lock.

You can remove the device twice a week for hygiene and maintenance – after which you have to send me a photo of the device with the new numbered lock while holding a piece of paper with unique password.

Depending upon your behaviour, attitude and mutually agreed personal preferences you may be given spot checks, tasks or games or a JOI task every week.

Does this sound familiar?

Your cage arrives. You try it on – it doesn’t fit, but you make it work. if you can manage too get it on and stay on you’ll most likely wear it for a few hours, it’ll pinch, it’ll rub and it wont be fun. You’ll get frustrated at yourself because it doesn’t feel as hot and you had imagined it would. You don’t feel controlled, you just feel a bit ripped off. You take it off, adjust or perhaps abandon.

Then you will ,most likely wait a while, promising yourself you will try it on again soon – and you do. The same thing happens. You enjoy the idea but not the practice.

You’ll most likely put it in a drawer, leave the idea for a week or two before convincing yourself its the cage thats is wrong. Maybe you even more on from the mistress you’ve been speaking to, she didn’t help much and the whole thing just didn’t feel right. You’ll mot likely invest in another cage, its likely even with correct fitting and some lived experience the same scenario will happen again and again.

At this point you come to me. Do you want me to take your money and watch you fail? Or do you want me to take your money and guide you to succeed, to finally give you the thrills you seek?

I’m very good at what I do and my time is sought after so this program is not for the weak willed fantasy fanatic. This is for serious submissives who wish to explore a genuine exchange of power. 

How do we proceed?

Communication is the key to success, so we need to be in daily contact.


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