Measuring For A Chastity Cage

The cage will only be as good as your measurements

It’s important to remember you don’t always need a cage to engage in self-denial, you just need some effort. In fact, the more complex a cage is the more problems can arise.

While different fits will provide different experiences if you’re buying a chastity cage for the first time don’t be tempted to add to your measurements. Adding more room for comfort or less to enhance the experience can easily lead to an ill-fitting device.

Digital locks, spikes, and electroshock technology all have the pull of the fantasy but trust the expert here; these rarely prove wearable, let alone enjoyable.

Always measure your penis in a relaxed state. The measuring tape (use a fabric tape measure or a string and a ruler) should be snug but not tight. It’s best to take measurements at different times of the day to find an average.

You will need to measure the underside of your flaccid penis from tip to base. You’ll also need the circumference of your penis girth for the cage sizing. As well as the circumference from behind the balls and base of the penis to get the ring diameter.

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