How To Make Money on AVN Stars

AVN Stars is an entertainment platform made for adult content creators to easily monetise and promote their content. They describe themselves as the world’s fastest growing social media platform for the adult entertainment industry. As well as offering 80% payout on all tips, subscriptions, PTV’s and clip sales, they also provide traffic, which is of course what we all want!

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Countess Diamond and I’m an active Domme on AVN Stars (my AVN Stars profile can be viewed here). I’ve been using this site for over a year and am very familiar with all the site’s features. I regularly rank in the Top 10 highest paid creators on the site and I have also placed Top 10 in a total of 9 weekly contests which are heavily influenced by paid votes and earnings.

how to make money on avn stars

As well as this, in the early part of 2021 I hosted a panel on Clubhouse entitled “OnlyFans to AVN Stars: Migrating, Marketing and Making it Big” where I discussed how I did exactly that and how other online sex workers can make the same career move. And if that’s not enough, my success has even been featured in AVN Magazine.

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: So, What Actually is AVN Stars?

AVN or (Adult Video News) as a company has been around a long time – we’re talking since the 80’s! They launched their subscriber platform AVNStars in mid 2019 which has since shown industry leading innovation and growth. Offering multiple avenues for content creators to maximise income and exposure. From subscription based memberships, tips, clip sales, live broadcasts and their internal referral program as well as being fully integrated to support the awards voting system.

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how to make money on avn stars

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: Is AVNStars As Good As OnlyFans?

AVN Stars is BETTER! It’s Made For the Adult Content Industry

Unlike OnlyFans, AVN actively state that they are ‘In The Business Of Pleasure’ and support those in the sex industry, making it the perfect alternative to OnlyFans. That’s not to say there aren’t other alternative sites to both OnlyFans and AVN, but AVN Stars is definitely one of the more reputable, stable and credible platforms for adult industry content creators. As well as this, unlike OnlyFans, there’s no need to worry about being kicked out of AVN Stars, as it’s adult oriented in the first place with great support and clear Terms Of Service.

Sell Clips on AVN Stars

One huge advantage of choosing AVN Stars as your content platform is being able to sell clips! Now, I’m not going to give away all of my secrets, but I will say that this forms possibly the most important element of my marketing strategy – and it should be part of yours too! If it’s not, then feel free to Download The Clip Hack and learn the secrets.

AVN Stars Provides Internal Traffic 

AVN Stars homepage and explore feature makes it super easy to find new customers and whilst with OnlyFans, creators are responsible for driving their own traffic to their pages, AVN Stars offers traffic driving which is obviously a huge bonus!

AVN Hosts Awards

Who doesn’t love an award? AVN Stars host annual awards at their AVN Show: the world’s largest adult extravaganza as well as the AVN expo. These are massively documented and receive a tonne of publicity! I should know – having been nominated many-a-time!

Easier to rank and gain market share

When comparing AVN Stars to OnlyFans, in terms of market share, I have definitely found it much easier to rank on the site and gain market share using AVN Stars! More market share means more clients more and clients means more profit! So for me it’s been a no-brainer to make the move from OnlyFans to AVN Stars. 

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how to make money on avn stars

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: A Summary Of The Key Features of AVN Stars

  • Internal traffic
  • Get paid on demand
  • 80% payout with a $25 minimum
  • Geo-blocking
  • Responsive support
  • Frequent site feature updates
  • Clip store

80% Payouts

Right now, AVN Stars offers 80% payouts on all earnings including clip sales, tributes and PTVs which is actually one of the highest in the industry! This is massive, as the industry average for clip sales is just 60%.

Withdraw Payment At Any Time

Content creators can withdraw their payments at any time, although there is a $25 minimum and there is a 7 day hold time from the initial payment to your account to when it can be withdrawn. Cashout options include ACH, Paxum and wire.

Geo Blocking

AVN Stars provides the option of blocking members by country and IP address, which we all know can be super useful, especially if you’re trying to keep your real identity hidden or only operate in one particular area.

Sell Clips

I’ve mentioned AVNStars currently offers 80% payouts on clip sales; significantly higher than the industry average of 60%. As well as this, AVN Stars’s clip section is updated regularly with new features being added all the time. For example, they offer the ability to sort your clips via ‘top selling’ and there’s even an option to ‘pin’ clips to be showcased at the top! Your clip store can also be customised further with a intro/trailer and a cover image! And as if you need any more features, you can schedule clips to go out ahead of time as well as offering ‘free access links’ which can be given to select individuals. 

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Earn By Sending PTVs

With AVN stars, content creators are able to earn by sending pay-to-view content, otherwise known as PTVs. These messages can also be set to automatically trigger after a certain amount of time or after someone new subscribes. You can also send audio messages as a pay-to-view, or pay-to-hear if you will. If you’re going to do this, I’d suggest recording using an external app before sending as the internal recorder seems to come out muffled. 

Broadcast Live and Receive Tips

Content creators are able to broadcast live from AVN Stars – this enables your profile to feature prominently in the ‘live’ section in front of the other ‘stories’, as long as your profile is public. Broadcasting live should definitely form part of your marketing strategy as it enables you to receive tips and paid votes from your fans – both current and new! In fact I’d go as far to say that it’s one of the best ways to gain visibility on the homepage! There is the option to make your live shows available to subscribers only, if you want to remain exclusive, but you can also set your shows to be able to be viewed by your followers if you want to boost your following. You can also block other content creators from entering your live chat room which can be useful! These live broadcasts can be posted on your timeline for AVN Stars members to view.

Gain Internal Traffic

I’ve mentioned this before but to be totally honest, I can’t stress it enough! The biggest difference and advantage that AVN Stars has over OnlyFans is that AVN Stars provides a beneficial amount of internal traffic to content creators’ pages. AVN Stars is like a large department store with plenty of features and opportunities to advertise yourself! 

Gain Followers By Posting Stories

Another way to gain traffic and exposure is by posting a ‘story’. Adding to your ‘stories’ moves your story – and subsequently your profile – to the front of the queue for more visibility. A ‘story’ can be anything from a quick snap to a few saucy seconds of video. 

Trending Page

AVN Stars features a homepage made up of various categories. From ‘free clips’, ‘being viewed’, ‘black women’, ‘trending stars’, ‘recently uploaded’, ‘top selling’, and more, being featured in any of these categories is a guaranteed route to exposure – for free! If you’ve got free clips, these will automatically be featured in the ‘media’ section which is accessible to all members. 

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: Why Should I Become an AVN Star?

As if I’ve not given you enough reasons to become an AVN Star over exclusively using OnlyFans to monetize your content, here’s a summary of the best bits:

  • 80% payouts including for tips and clips
  • Easier to rank and gain market share
  • The ‘explore’ page makes it easy to be discovered by new members
  • Internal traffic

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how to make money on avn stars

How To Make Money on AVN Stars: Surely There Are Some Cons To AVN Stars?

Whilst I’m a total advocate for moving your content over to AVN Stars, I’d be doing you a disservice as a consultant if I didn’t mention the downsides. To be honest though, there aren’t many. A while back, AVN Stars used to hold weekly contests with substantial rewards but those have been done away with now. Also, whilst previously, content creator earning rankings were public, this is no longer the case. And finally, the live streams can sometimes be a bit glitchy, but it’s nothing that harms my streams too much!

In Conclusion…

After the recent stunt pulled by OnlyFans, it’s only sensible to be considering your options when it comes to which platforms you should be using to monetize your adult content. Yes – OnlyFans swiftly reversed their decision to remove all adult material, but setting yourself up on a dedicated adult streaming platform like AVN Stars means you won’t have to worry about OnlyFans reinstating their decision later down the line.

There are some serious advantages to using AVN Stars over OnlyFans, as we’ve discussed, but if you’re still unsure, feel free to reach out to me. If, like many, you’re convinced, simply sign up and become an AVN Star and start earning today!