As I stride seductively toward my wall of tools you can see Me pause once, the armoury is within reach. It’s time choose.

My mind flashes over each implement and I carefully select one based on the person, the stage of the session, and the affinity I have for each tool. I have My favourites, just like you do too I suspect? But there is one implement that is My fail-safe. If I am hesitating, where to begin or end a session, I reach for a flogger. This is such a useful item, because in My hands it can give its wispy sting or soft stroke. Depending on how much force I put into the swing. 

'You want the power aesthetics but with a light touch, be My guest, but you will not find that here.'

flogger for corporal punishment

When I shop for floggers, I am always find them to be such alluring eye candy, the colours, the variations in textures, styles and length. They come in such a range, that I can rarely just buy one. Weight, length and material, cuts and construction distinguish one flogger from the other. A “flogging” therefore means different things to different people, but everyone has their favourite brand or style right, at the moment i’m in love with this one

Some of them are soft, long, draping and tousled with more falls than you can be bothered to count when there are bottoms waiting to be flogged. These soft edged, wide and lightweight falls twist and bend with age, telling stories of touches long since past. They are gentle sensation builders, perfect for teasing, building anticipation and warming up. My favourite soft floggers are usually suedes, anyone who knows Me, knows I have a soft spot for suede. These gently tickle and trickle over your warming skin before being wielded for maximum paradoxical pain. With this one implement, I can be nice or nasty. They are such versatile dungeon staples, I can use it on almost every area of the body if I modify the velocity of the strokes, the sensations can build or break. 

Some floggers are heavy, punchy. Thudding onto your skin and effortlessly dishing out authoritative wide and strong strokes. There are no misunderstandings when these long, square cut or pointed falls, braids or chains give an undeniable punch. Even a mild stroke with a heavy hard and blunted leather flogger can cause a surprising cascade of thuds. And it is this simple act that can separate the curious kinkster from the seasoned slave. You want the power aesthetics but with a light touch, be My guest, but you will not find that here.

'The pain is wide and starts to swallow you whole. If I keep the strikes rhythmic it can be a very meditative experience.'

I have been able to drop people into subspace with a heavy flogger much easier than with a single-tail whip for example, because I think the thudding of the heavy flogger is melodic almost. The pain is wide and starts to swallow you whole. If I keep the strikes rhythmic it can be a very meditative experience. You lay there, not knowing when or if it will end, zoning out, your body throbbing with kink.

There is another category of flogger that is often over looked, I guarantee it’s sitting quietly unnoticed and under used on your local BDSM dungeons rack. It doesn’t have the grandeur of dominance Us Ladies tend to flock towards. But make no mistake, this inauspicious tool makes up for it’s small stature with a deliciously rapturous sting.

Just like the heaviest of floggers these wispy, slim falls carry the same energy of Her swing only this time, it is compacted into a smaller surface area with no soft flocking or blunt end to silence the bite. Especially so if the leather is hard and cut to a diamond point.

One of the most beautiful deviant floggers I own, looks very small and inconspicuous up on a wall against the big, thick knotted and imposing torture devices and it hurts far more, leaving pain stains all over a body. It’s light so it takes very little effort to use to maximum effect. It is this short flogger from Liebe Seele, with thin stinging leather threads that feel extremely sharp. So if the heavy one put you into a trance this one would rip you out of it. You wouldn’t think it could be so dangerous, but as always it’s not always the size that’s important, it’s what you do with it that counts!

dominatrix wearing latex dress

Dungeon Sessions

There's nowhere to hide once your in the dungeon. All your desires are laid bare.

Behind The Whip

From personality and preferences, find out more about The Countess

Intellect Models

Empowering, guiding and advising in the dark art of online sex work. Established 2017.

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Sensual bristol dominatrix

Is Submission A Weakness?

It takes so much strength of character to step over the line, past the point of no return into my dominion. It takes a combination of mental and physical strength to endure me, but that’s what you wanted, that’s what has been clawing at you from the inside all this time. The need to suffer at the hands of a beautiful Dominatrix has been swirling for so long, and you have battled yourself to take the first step. I appreciate all of this. I see and hear about it often. It can be overwhelming to give a voice to all those thoughts and fantasy scenarios that have kept you awake night after night.

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Professional dominatrix in bristol lingerie


A small flogger, with slim falls may sit quietly unnoticed on a BDSM dungeon rack. It doesn’t have the grandeur of dominance Us Ladies tend to flock towards. But make no mistake, these inauspicious tools make up for their small stature with a deliciously rapturous sting.

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Hoxton dommes London Mistress filming

Beware The Fall

Its that unwritten Duty of Care we have to keep in mind, that’s what you are really paying for. That while you think we are lost in that moment with you, we aren’t. We’re watching the rise and fall of your chest, moving our hands to feel that tightness of your collar. We are “ON” all the time, but the skill comes in appearing “OFF”.  

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sex workers. built onlyfans

Your Subscription Has Expired.​

If sex workers built OnlyFans, they can tear it down. This will take a group of powerful women to do and … well, I know a fair few of them. However, as strong, capable and resilient as sex workers are they cannot do this alone.

The generosity of you, the subscriber and tipper who has supported them is also being taken for granted. 20% of what you spend is being syphoned off to fund a platform that will be unlikely to hold your favourite creator in the months and years to come. 

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Bristol mistress

What clients took for granted

I have realised that my clients have come to understand the positive value of the interactions they previously took for granted, that they used to get so much joy from, the important people they used to share these experiences with. We have collectively realised how we affect those around us, both positively and negatively, biologically and physiologically. It will feel amazing when they can go and see a provider again, and this time they say they will savour every moment, every detail.

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Luscious Latex Lovers

Latex and BDSM go hand in shiny hand, it is a visual and sensual treat for so many of us. The smell of rubber itself is extremely provocative. It can cause a raging hard on, as can the touch of it. There is something about this material that works so well with the dungeon scene and the kink parties, its like a layer of us that we can apply or peel off, as we switch between the two worlds. But latex is as sensitive, exasperating and difficult at times as your Mistress can be.

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