Is Findom the Ultimate Sacrifice?

Bristol financial diominatrix

I believe it is. It’s like pure, distilled devotion. It’s like you are laying cards on to the table, spilling your wallet at the same time as your heart and pouring the proof of your soul out at my feet. You feel emptied, lighter, satisfied while I feel strong jolt of top space, owning you in this way is a very powerful rush for me.

I expect you to endure as much as you can to please me while I tease and test your limits and bring myself endless pleasure. But, to entirely surrender to the experience, you have to trust me. Playing in the world of findom requires a significant amount of respect on both sides, so even as we go through the process of unwinding your mind your emotional and financial limits will always be respected. The same is true in any real time or digital Femdom scene with a professional. Submission is about control, and the loss of it. How far we take that depends on our joint boundaries and dynamic

Once you step away from falsehoods, cruelty and greed you realise that Findom can be a safe environment that is more about the total control than the total money, and the penny starts to drop.

The hit / the rush / the high of being controlled and overwhelmed by giving pleasure will all be there as I coax you to add another zero and click ‘send’. Better yet, walk with me through the stores as we shop for expensive gifts to make me smile. You’ll experience first-hand the waves of pleasure you’ll get when I squeal with delight at our shopping choices, as we take in the beauty of the style, design or story behind what you have just bought for me.

Findom can take on many forms, many men are desperate to have their income managed, and as long as limits are set at the start, this can offer him a freedom he has never felt before. Having someone else make all your spending decisions, decide what you may eat… if you eat, is the financial equivalent of a good hard kick in the balls. It can floor you, but you love it, crave it, thrive on the rush of my smiles.

Sending money cuts out the middleman and glosses over any complicated methods or expectations. You can wake up press send and immediately get a hard-wired hit of financial fear coursing through your veins. By sending a large tribute to start the day it will motivate you to work much harder at work to earn it back or earn towards the next tribute. Even with a small tribute you’ll feel a rush that started out as panic but has now become excitement. I will receive it and know you are devoted enough to go without, to work harder and smarter, to give up everything for my comfort and happiness.

There are many subsmissive men that say they would do anything to serve me, most actually wouldn’t – talk is cheap. Instead demonstrate the sacrifices you are prepared to make, follow my guidance, and reward the time I invest in enhancing your life through my acceptance, patience and dominance.

I want you to push yourself to achieve bigger things, I want to share your wins with you, celebrate successes and toast to your results.

I want your ultimate submission. To take a step closer to Findom, you can tribute me directly here. Or take a peek at my Clips4Sale and AVN, request customs, or you can interact with my Twitter posts.

Bristol financial dominatrix
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Beware The Fall

re we have to keep in mind, that’s what you are really paying for. That while you think we are lost in that moment with you, we aren’t. We’re watching the rise and fall of your chest, moving our hands to feel that tightness of your collar. We are “ON” all the time, but the skill comes in appearing “OFF”. 

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sex workers. built onlyfans

Your Subscription Has Expired.​

If sex workers built OnlyFans, they can tear it down. This will take a group of powerful women to do and … well, I know a fair few of them. However, as strong, capable and resilient as sex workers are they cannot do this alone.

The generosity of you, the subscriber and tipper who has supported them is also being taken for granted. 20% of what you spend is being syphoned off to fund a platform that will be unlikely to hold your favourite creator in the months and years to come. 

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Bristol mistress

What clients took for granted

I have realised that my clients have come to understand the positive value of the interactions they previously took for granted, that they used to get so much joy from, the important people they used to share these experiences with. We have collectively realised how we affect those around us, both positively and negatively, biologically and physiologically. It will feel amazing when they can go and see a provider again, and this time they say they will savour every moment, every detail.

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Luscious Latex Lovers

Latex and BDSM go hand in shiny hand, it is a visual and sensual treat for so many of us. The smell of rubber itself is extremely provocative. It can cause a raging hard on, as can the touch of it. There is something about this material that works so well with the dungeon scene and the kink parties, its like a layer of us that we can apply or peel off, as we switch between the two worlds. But latex is as sensitive, exasperating and difficult at times as your Mistress can be.

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Bristol mistress dominatrix


Pushing her boundaries – Thinking that because you get on so well, you can message her when you feel like it, for free. That she’d want to hang out, go get a coffee … for free. That you basically begin to encroach on her personal time. You have made the fatal mistake of forgetting she is a service provider and has a life that she wants to keep separate from this. But because she is so good at her job, she’s made you feel special – you are starting to believe you should get special treatment. Sadly, you just sealed your own fate.

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My Birthday

It would be a shame not to celebrate My birthday in style, especially as the world continues to be one step away from the credits rolling on its own disaster movie.

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