Chastity Cage Myths & Urban Legends

Dispelling some common chastity cage myths

Dommes don’t throw away the keys to your chastity cage. A good Dominatrix will know that hygiene and regular unlocking keeps everyone’s play happy and healthy.

Another urban myth about chastity is penis shrinkage, but this is only somewhat true. Extremely tight or extended chastity might begin to affect your size, but the casual player will likely not see a difference.

Some say chastity hurts

Nightly muscle flexes called nocturnal erections play an important role in penile health. If you’re dead set on a small cage and rarely unlock it you may also experience atrophy from the lack of erections. 

If your cage is too tight for your muscles to stretch a little you may experience a reduction in penis size.

If you do want to shrink

Some people desire this shrinkage in a way that is representative of their masculinity disappearing under the control of a Mistress. Now, while it’s unlikely it’s also not disproven by science. If you’re looking for total confinement in the smallest possible chastity cage. I recommend this one.

Another urban legend is that rubbing on o/estrogen cream will make you shrink. Sorry folks, it won’t work! The only true way to dramatically reduce your size is to take HRT, the same hormone therapy for transitioning.

Chastity Tips

What not to do when you're caged and how to stay safe while locked.

Side Effects

Extended chastity has many side effects, some more gross than others.

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