It's Christmas, Jim, but not as we know it.

What a shit show of a year guys and girls!

Countess diamond dominatrix bristol

Earlier this month I was filling out my planner for 2021 and right at the start there’s a 2020 review section to reflect and summarise the best bits, your successes. I’ll be honest, it’s looking rather light.

The things I have achieved ‘at work’ you probably know about, and then there are some successes that are probably too personal for such a public sphere but include things like moving house and my best friend Francesca getting well. The things that have been unproductive, and a negative, are written down and learnt from or over now, but either way don’t require dwelling upon. So all in all, goodbye 2020 and let’s take our happiness elsewhere.

Lots of My boys and girls have asked what I might like for Christmas and if you know me…  you’ll know a gift is not expected! BUT I know you and I know each of you are keen to spoil me.

I thought it best to come up with some very lovely things that you might like to choose from. So as well as My Amazon Wishlist I have collected up a few things that you may like to look at, even just to gather a better sense of My style.

Of course, I don’t expect you to go to the moon and back in search of My affection. If you wish to gift just a special something between U/us in celebration of O/our D/s, the year end, or to toast the future with something sentimental, that would be beautiful.

As I always say to you – your dedication and submission is a gift in itself!
It may seem strange to read a list of these wonderfully eccentric and expensive things I would like for Christmas but I wouldn’t consider myself bratty or overly materialistic. I do know I have expensive taste and an enjoyment for excellent design. BUT when I fell for the gift idea I’m about to show you, I cant help but wonder, if I really am just a high maintenance princess… and I found the answer to my question (yes) I am: cashmere socks!
Everyone wants socks for Christmas, right?!
If you know me at all, you know I love my plants and flowers, so anything to do with planting and caring for my pretty creatures is always going to be a winning gift! Despite this pot I found technically being a pencil holder, I think it will look just as adorable on my office windowsill with a plant in it next to this super sweet pretty vase that I just adore.
If you’re keen on gifting some flowers, but would prefer they last all year and beyond I’ve found this amazing bouquet of dried flowers, or, theres a similar style of dried pampas grass that I would love to add to my stag horn fern cloche thats on my amazon list.
My love of Japan keeps growing, so I have firmly placed it on my 2021 ‘go to’ list along with Switzerland, Scotland and Ireland. I’ve been keeping an eye on some relaxed Kimono styles, or as they are correctly named: Yukata I totally fell for this one, Its so striking and bright and I can totally imagine me swanning about the house in it. I think it would look amazing In photos too. If you would like to throw budgets to the breeze and gift something that will help me excel in my work, there is this super expensive, but pricelessly useful Panasonic Camera.
Countess diamond dominatrix bristol

If you’re in the mood to totally spoil me with something thats not work related, of course, it has to be with McQueen! There is this insanely delicious croc bag as well as a pretty little thing I had mentioned around June time last year, but thats all i’m saying.

In lieu of a physical gift, each celebration we share as a D/s I welcome you each to donate to a cause close to my heart. Please visit and donate generously to either the Welsh children’s hospice Ty Hafan or the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. This year I will also be giving back to you all through my Christmas custom clip presents, which is going to so much fun to make! All the details are up on my AVN page, and all you’ll need to do is email me with the details I’ve requested.

To have some time to celebrate with you, I’ll also be hosting a live streamed pub quiz at The Countess Arms on Friday 11th December and then also on the 30th December. (This last date could change depended upon family situations.) As always with my quizzes I will be fund-raising for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. but the quiz on the 30th will be a little different as I will be raffling off this amazing prize! (If you just want to skip the raffle and get yourself one for yourself one from Kinkplay for Christmas you can use the code COUNTESSDIAMOND2020 for 20% off.)

My plans for next year are nothing short of incredible, the content is already planned and some of it is in the productions stage too! To make next year a success there is just one thing I need…. all I want for Christmas is you…

Merry Christmas and thank you for being the s to my D x

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