A Beginners Guide To Chastity Cages​

Enhance the feeling of confinement and therefore submission.

Chastity Cages For Beginners

Silicone and plastic chastity cages are ideal for beginners, short-term wear, and getting used to the idea of confinement. These are also cheaper than most and help you find the right shape and size, for just enough pinch and squeeze.

I recommend this one.

Chastity Cages For Intermediate Players

Because of the metal chastity cages increase in weight it can feel like things have progressed to a more present level of mental control. If the idea of a constant reminder is your thing, I recommend this one.

Chastity Cages For Experts

So you’re experienced with chastity cages and you’re looking to take things to the next step. I recommend a chastity cage with almost no opportunity for touching and a urethral tube

Common Problems

Lots of people struggle to keep the base ring on a chastity cage, here’s a great solution that’s becoming much more popular.

Something For Everybody

Not everyone who’s wishes to play with chastity needs a cock cage, if that’s you, I suggest we look at getting you some chastity panties.

Chastity Tips

What not to do when you're caged and how to stay safe while locked.

Urban Legends

Extended chastity has many side effects, some more gross than others.

Take The Quiz

Take this quick quiz to find your perfect place in chastity.