Bristol Welcomes Miss Anne Tittou!

I first met the mysterious Miss Anne Tittou in the summer of 2019 at an event in London. We were chatting about you – yes you submissives – and She was such a charming soul that we seemed to just click, there was instant familiarity. Her naturally dominant personality draws you in and makes you feel like you’ve known Her for years.

She’s strikingly beautiful and everything about Her is so classically and traditionally dominant that you just can’t help but feel safe in Her presence. I’m quite sure that like me She would much rather a submissive be a gentleman… rather than a quivering mess upon the floor… but hey, with Mistress Anne around you can’t help but melt at Her feet.

That first night we met we stayed out until the early hours dancing and making memories – ending our night at Madame Caramels with us all getting a well deserved foot massage from Her live in servants – this is where Anne and I discovered that our styles are strikingly similar. But, also there’s another special something We both share, but that’s Our secret to keep.

We’ve met at many different kink event, balls and nights out since that first evening, and have gotten to know each other more and more. Now that She’s coming to Bristol and I want you to get to know Her too! She has an incredibly energy and as if Bristol wasn’t full of beautiful, elegant and captivating Dominants already… well here comes another, but not for long – so be quick! 

She’ll be gracing Bristol from the 7th-10th of November, and you would be a foolish man to miss Her:


Twitter: @MissAnneTittou




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