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The Countess offers her thoughts on BDSM, fetish, dominant and submissive relationships… as well as ethics and chastity.

“Part of being me is a need to champion things I believe in. To get the word out there and discuss the larger meaning of our existence, our wants and our desires in a thoughtful, practical way. Devoid of stereotypes, condemnation and judgement.

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Dominatrix countess diamond wearing latex holding a single tail whip

Back to BDSM basics

The BDSM community can seem alien when you first encounter it, but all it takes is a little patience and some basic research. This is not the Illuminati, or the Masons – there is no ritual, human sacrifice or handshake to get in – you just have to learn how to interact with people all over again.

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All My Thoughts

The most read and shared BDSM blogs from Bristols top BDSM Mistress, Countess Diamond. 

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Taboos are any sexual preferences or activities that have been demonised and shunned through mainstream media, society, and sexual norms. So it’s unsurprising so many still remain “off limits” in many relationships, which only makes them more appealing to those that are bored shitless of bedroom basics.

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bristol mistress in latex


There’s submission to your Domme, then there is total surrender to your Domme.

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Countess Diamond Bristol mistress dominatrix


The best thing about BDSM in a professional setting, is that you should be able to finally set your true self free.

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Evolving our Digital D/S

We do have to be thankful that we live in the rapidly expanding digital age. We have options, and I am determined to push online play to the edge.

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Mistress in bristol

Filming with Mistress Tess!

The incredible Mistress Tess and I are planning some filming in March. Tess and I are looking for reliable boys who are interested in taking their limits further than they thought possible.

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Filming slaves needed.

@MissNeraSkye and I will be back in London and shooting for the prestigious @hoxtondommes at the @DungeonSuite in Hoxton on the 30th of January 2020.

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Countess Diamond is a bristol dominatrix

All I want for Christmas is… Latex!

I have always had a love of latex, it’s everything! 

It’s the way that it feels on my body, the way it heats and cools and hugs me close. I wear it round the house a lot and would happily wear it to the shops if i could deal with the gawking and gossip.

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Interview interview with The Countess!​

While I’ve always been aware of my ability to collect hearts I started within ‘this life’ as a cam girl. From behind the camera I quickly became aware of the thrill of the power exchange. I practiced my art form, matured and evolved into the powerful whip wielding woman I am today

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Yes it’s true… I’ve created a Clips4Sale account. Uploading some great video from my London Tour as we speak.

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Anne Tittou

Bristol Welcomes Miss Anne Tittou!

I first met the mysterious Miss Anne Tittou in the summer of 2019 at an event in London. We were chatting about you – yes you submissives – and She was such a charming soul that we seemed to just click, there was instant familiarity. Her naturally dominant personality draws you in and makes you feel like you’ve known Her for years.

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Chastity Focus

Chastity, is one of Countess Diamond’s favourite fetishes. It’s versatile, effective and accessible and best of all can be done very discreetly. Delve into one of the most teasing, yet rewarding of all the fetishes. 

Latex Focus

There is something about this material that works so well with the dungeon scene and the kink parties, its like a layer of us that we can apply or peel off, as we switch between the two worlds. But latex is as sensitive, exasperating and difficult at times as your Mistress can be.

Fetish Focus

From the basics in bondage, to exploring the darkest taboos. Here you will find all sorts of specific fetishes from the mainstream, niche and extra naughty sides of BDSM life.

Dynamics Focus

Understanding the nuanced social dynamics as well as protocol and etiquette within BDSM is never going to be easy. This narrative, from Countess Diamonds perspective is an account her of experience, thoughts and relationships and not intended to be the final word on such subjects.

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