Dynamics, Manners & Ethics

Shedding light on BDSM's frequently obscured dynamics, manners, and ethics.

Since 2019, Countess Diamond has carefully recorded and shared her experiences and guidance as a Dominatrix to an ever-growing readership. Navigating the frequently subjective and intricate complexities of the fetish and kink world. The aim of the blog is to educate those who both work and play in BDSM and to help de-stigmatize consensual erotic labour.

Wax Play

As a race we have been fascinated by fire since we first discovered it… it’s dangerous, it’s mesmerising. Who hasn’t found themselves lost in the glow of a fire? Or

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Smoking Fetish

A villainess like me, with a flagrant disrespect for rules, that deliberately kicks against gender stereotypes and roles – hell yeah I smoke. A cigarette suggests an impervious layer of

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My Top 5 kinks

His physical suffering at my hand is my ultimate turn on. My aim is good, but I’d rather administer pain with my body somehow, than with an object.

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Foot Fetish

As far as fetishes go, a sexual interest in feet is becoming more mainstream, and from what I hear it often leads you down the tunnel to further kinks.

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Sub & Domme Drop

Its that unwritten Duty of Care we have to keep in mind, that’s what you are really paying for. That while you think we are lost in that moment

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