Dynamics, Manners & Ethics

Shedding light on BDSM's frequently obscured dynamics, manners, and ethics.

Since 2019, Countess Diamond has carefully recorded and shared her experiences and guidance as a Dominatrix to an ever-growing readership. Navigating the frequently subjective and intricate complexities of the fetish and kink world. The aim of the blog is to educate those who both work and play in BDSM and to help de-stigmatize consensual erotic labour.


If you are considering introducing poppers to your kinky play, take a moment to read this before diving in.

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The future of SW inBristol

Fight for fairness & equality You can help sex workers keep their workplaces open. On the 31st March 2022, Edinburgh City Council voted in favor of a ‘nil-cap’ on ‘Sexual

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You crave Her control and She craves controlling you. Countess Diamond has the encouragement, experience and “rewards” to get you through.

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