Becoming A Chastity Slave

Thoughts from a sub’s first Locktober​: Chastity has always been something of an interest of mine, though for years it was essentially an academic one.

Hiding Your Kinks​

Chastity training mistress Countess Diamond with her chastity keys

Are you are struggling as a “double-lifer”? ​ A grown adult, and you’re still hiding your kinks from the world. You’re not alone.


You crave Her control and She craves controlling you. Countess Diamond has the encouragement, experience and “rewards” to get you through.


I truly hope you all find a Dominant or play partner that cares about you after a scene.

Locktober – Roundup

I want nothing more than to see you achieve great things, have willpower, have strength and conviction!

No Limits

Self-exploration with an open mind is key to creating a scene in which we both feel safe.

Why Chastity?

To put it simply; it’s a power exchange. Imagine handing over control of something that’s so intrinsic to your identity, routine, and freedom.

Three in the bed

Before you even attempt this potentially sex life changing conversation, you will want to be prepared. If you have read my other blogs you will know the importance of researching the kinks that get you excited, and exploring your own submissiveness.

Long-Term BDSM relationships

When we begin our kink journeys, we all hope to find someone we can share it all with, who is just as into the stuff you’re into, as you are.