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A Session Review

Sessioning with a Dominatrix is a one of a kind experience, read this lucky submissives journey here.

Fetish Wear​ Appropriation

Sex workers are unable to live and work freely yet our work uniform is paraded on the Met Gala carpet as a gimmick.

Tik-Tok Toys

Shop all of the Tok-Tok toys & gadgets in one place

Diary of a Pregnant Dominatrix

In the hope that this aids the destigmatisation of consensual erotic labour and assists and educates those in the industry who might be about to embark on parenthood. I have decided to speak freely about my own experience.


If you are considering introducing poppers to your kinky play, take a moment to read this before diving in.

The future of SW inBristol

Fight for fairness & equality You can help sex workers keep their workplaces open. On the 31st March 2022, Edinburgh City Council voted in favor of a ‘nil-cap’ on ‘Sexual Entertainment Venue’ (known as SEVs) licenses. The council claims this cap is needed due to Male violence against women & girls. Come April 2023, the […]