All I want for Christmas is... Latex!

I have always had a love of latex, it’s everything! 

It’s the way that it feels on my body, the way it heats and cools and hugs me close. I wear it round the house a lot and would happily wear it to the shops if i could deal with the gawking and gossip.

You all should know me enough to know of my love hate relationship with material things. I hate waste, and greed is an ugly trait to have. I’d rather save up and buy sensibly than own lots of cheap fast fashion items.

A couple of you have mentioned Christmas gifts, asking what would I like? As much as a pair of extravagantly expensive shoes may appeal to some of rather have some furniture for my new office and cam space. I would love it if you would look at my amazon wishlist as there’s lots of things on there that will make my work life easier, brighter, better. A gift that helps me produce more content for you, a gift that lights the photos you will enjoy!

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