A Lion's Tale

Happiness isn't always going to find you, sometimes you've got to work for it. 

Health has never been more so at the forefront of people’s minds. Read it again, I didn’t say ‘health has never been so ticked off the top of the to do list’. I mean, it’s never been so obvious what we were doing wrong but still we chose to ignore. It’s written on our to do list as the thing we should probably find time for…later.  We may not eat as clean as should, we may not do the recommended amount of exercise a week, but we are well aware of the benefits, in both body and mind.

When playing in a BDSM scene online or experiencing the sensation in real time, the benefits of being healthier and fitter may be surprising…let me tell you a story about a guy I call Lion.

“Unbeknownst to me, he was 18+ stone, unhealthy but more importantly and hugely important to Lion, he was unhappy”

I met Lion in early 2020. He subscribed to my AVN social feed and we talked a little. Our relationship was a slow and subtle one, he was always there for me. He was generous, unimposing, and most importantly he let me be me, and supported me for who I am not who I could be to him. Over the months, we sessioned a few times on and off, generally interrupted by Covid.

I don’t remember having any overriding thoughts about his body when we first sessioned, he didn’t strike me as someone who was unhealthy or overweight, i didn’t think too deeply about his body. For me, our sessions were more about toying with his submissive mind. He was just a bigger guy, as some guys and girls just naturally are. Unbeknownst to me, he was 18+ stone, unhealthy but more importantly and hugely important to Lion, he was unhappy. 

Through 2020 we video called weekly. Every Monday night I would get a cup of tea, dim the lights and settle into my office where we would chat for hours. We talked about life, food, being D/s, boring things, profound things, deep things and stupid things.

“As the months went by, Lion needed less and less encouragement”

It didn’t take us long to come to talk about his happiness, health and the future, all of which seemed a little grey. Upon my request he took on a task of bettering himself. Not beating himself up anymore, but actually achieving. Achieving the things he used to simply wish for in the dark of night. At my request, he began a routine of doing low impact yoga, for 10 minutes, every day. Slowly, he began to increase his flexibility, his range of movement grew, and his ability to do yoga for a little longer grew. That’s when I began to notice his skin was brighter. Then after a few weeks of feeling the benefit, we agreed he would try 15 minutes of more intense exercise a day also. 

His previous unwillingness and mindset of fear became more relaxed, he was more open to trying new things. When we sessioned in person he moved with a newfound freedom and ease. His eyes sparkled and he was actually smiling from the inside, instead of just pretending to. 

Yoga once a day soon became the norm for Lion, so I challenged him to eat healthier too. We even played a game of the more he drank the longer his chastity would be! His habits were becoming reset, instead of opting for the familiar safety of the socially distant pub, he would go for a 5 minute jog and eat something healthy. He began to shed toxic relationships and gain self love and by mid 2020 he had lost two and a half stone!

As the months went by, Lion needed less and less encouragement to push himself, he now felt his happiness, health and future was within his control. Instead of feeling sluggish, he now suggested ideas to keep the positive changes coming, stuck to them and reported back every Monday. He felt the change within himself and everyone around him saw it too. 

Lion now weighs in at a respectable 14 stone and he continues to craft his own future happiness. He continues to challenge his demons, overcome his fears of change and the unknown. Lion says that without me he wouldn’t have been able to do it, but what he doesn’t realise is that he’s done it all himself. I didn’t run those hills, I didn’t do those squats, he did. I am so proud of Lion for going on this journey that his name, to me, will always be ‘‘Brave Lion’.

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